SIMPLY AMAZING | Reviewer: Zhaandre | 9/11/11

Although this is such a beautiful song, I can't help but feel sad. I'm currently separated from the love of my life, and he is my home. Its like Dallas Green knows exactly how I feel, I can relate to most of his songs.

! | Reviewer: joe | 3/7/11

This is a great song and I love the lyrics, simple guitar , simple melody, but such a awesome song. When I think about the lyrics I can't help but think about "coming home" as I'm coming home to haven. I'd like to think that going home would be going to haven to see your love.....

lovely | Reviewer: jami shae | 2/26/11

This song truely is one of my very favorites and i love it. Nothing else has spoke to me the way this song does as well as Save Your Scissors by them. It's beautiful. His Voice makes me just chill. It makes me comfortable.

Too good for words. | Reviewer: Julie | 8/5/10

Words will never describe what this song means to me, it's absolutely amazing. Dallas Green is my hero. Every song he makes is absolutely beautiful. I will never get tired or have enough of him. This song is just amazing.

Amazingg. | Reviewer: Sunny | 7/4/09

This song is absolutly beautiful. I think about my family, scattered across the country, and It reminds me of the long drives to come see them. And once I see the sign "Welcome to Saskatoon" I know I'm home. <3

incredible | Reviewer: lauren | 12/28/07

this is my favorite song I absolutely love it I could listen to it on repeat all day It reminds me of the love of my life and everytime i hear it, it makes my heart flutter...incredible.

W-O-W!!!! | Reviewer: stephanie | 11/19/07

this is an amazing song there's no word to explain it..Everytime I listen too remember me when one of my friend sing it..It was wonderfull!!!!!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

This would be my favourite song of his. Simply beautiful. Has to be heard to truly understand.