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She's supercool | Reviewer: Tami | 8/21/07

You haters out there know she's everything you wanna be but ain't, and that's why yall are hatin. If Ciara ever actually readsthis, I just want you to know girl that all those hatin you cause they ain't you, don't even trip offa none of them cause you got fans like me who love the way you keep it real gurl. And just let em know like I do, if you wanna spit flame I'll just use it to burn you, ya feeln me? Hope you understood my lil line there, and I'll catch you on the flipside. tryna be a professional singer/songwriter/rapper myself, so we may cross paths one day. Til then, much love.
Ps: The Evolution: Awesome and a rarity!

dont listen | Reviewer: mya | 8/14/07

hey gurl wat it do u is to fly 2 be lisen 2 all dat bull**** u just make it do what it do they isalot of haters out there u da best
sing it gurl
always keepenit rel

is it true? | Reviewer: MiZz bOoTiFuL!! | 8/8/07

were yooh born a man or a woman i hear that yooh are a man but like hell a man cud move his body like yooh can ciara! YOUR KILLA!

if you were a man your a talented man and i have never seen a man move like that i will ask mi dad to try some of your movs nad maybe he can be the new KIARA! (lol) thanx all yo for reading mi comments! (LUV YOOH ALL)!

are yooh? | Reviewer: mIzZ bOoTIfUl | 8/6/07

what is your natural hair colour and wud yooh ever meet me in real life my sis is a huge fun and before she moves out, i wud love for her to be able to remeber meh by yooh plz write back!

what is ur sexuality? | Reviewer: maria | 7/7/07

are u a women or a guy couse everyone is saying that u are a guy and i really like the song "Like a Boy" it is really tight i luv it a lot!!!

About the artist/Ciara | Reviewer: Shaun15 | 7/9/07

Ciara's go a new movie coming out called "Mama,I Want to sing!" Ciara's character's name is "Amara" if you dont believe me go to submit "Mama, I want to sing" and you will see it down there.

Review about Ciara | Reviewer: | 7/5/07

Ha CiCi! Watcha been up to mamii i jus wanna holla at ya and let you know that i really look up to you. You r beautiful and talented and i luv ya so much. Keep doin wat ya do and keep givin it to us the way you do. Dont let no 1 tear you down...PERIOD! n e waz luv ya once more holla!

please write back | Reviewer: $BLINGEISHA$ | 6/30/07

dear ciara
i love your music an i wan u to keep up your good music and too me u is the best female dancer.i wan to know if you can please help me with the singing business please write back.

keke | Reviewer: keke | 7/1/07

ciara u r tha best dancer i had eva seen & i luv when u sing it moves my mom -n- me.That song promise is tha best out of anything i heard.

i want to date ciara | Reviewer: stephen G | 6/28/07

yes i really want to date ciara so that i can put bow wow into a reali love shit also please let ciara now that some with real love is searching for her.
22 of age male black and winsome.under a modeling deal

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