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ciara (offfffff the chainnnnnnnn) | Reviewer: kimeron | 9/30/05

Ciara is the sexiest singer right now..she can dance great...i have neva miss one of her me ciara is much better than beyonce by far and all other singers..and wat y'all say bout she is a man..that is not true..dont try to spoil the girl success..jus because she has the same name and resemble the man who turned himself into a woman..y'all have no right to sat these things...and if she a trans she is one fine assss trans....all her songs were hits and i props her for matter wat is said i will alwayssss love her...i have her album (GOODIES) and her DVD..u go Ciara make no one bring u down cause u are who u are...and great at it...ur biggest fan from the Commonwealth of Dominica not Dominican uuu....

everybody 1 2 step | Reviewer: tiffany H. | 9/23/05

i really like her new song with her man bow wow... like u.... so what is up with them... i mean bow wow dont even claim her.. why is that? is it bc everybody says she's a honestly dont think she's a man....what do u think?

amazing | Reviewer: margaret | 8/8/05

ciara is so talented.her dancin skills r amazing.she is probably de bst dancer i kno so far.she inspires me so mch wif her dancin and i luv dancin and do lots of it and hope i could get as far as she has.
i luv her.LOL

cool | Reviewer: babe | 7/27/05

go ciara u go girl!!!!!!!!
u r da bomb!!!!!!!!
i love you ciara

Ciara's Dance skills | Reviewer: Angel | 7/27/05

Ciara is a great dancer. She knows how 2 do da moves. I lov da way she sings. She is a talented girl. I am happy for wat she had done. In every videos she make da dancing so good. I don't no how she does it. God gave her a talent dat is so grateful. I lov da dancing skills dat she do. Sometimes she inspires young people. Thank u Ciara Harris! wit lov

OH! | Reviewer: tiffany | 5/17/05

i think ciara is a good influence on the youth of today!plus she kicks ass at dancing.oh and i love her songs OH 12step and goodies!I love ciara!

inspiration! | Reviewer: Jazz-O | 4/5/05

Ciara you are great. Your talent will get you farther than average and beyond platinum! I hope to meet you one day and maybe collaborate.

Ciara | Reviewer: Ka'Deem | 3/13/05

Ciara is the most sexiest diva around.
Shes pretty she can dance she has a nice body.
I love u ciara

Ciara is the bomb!!!!!!! | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/5/05

ciara i love you!!!!!!!!

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