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# 1 Fan | Reviewer: Ty'licia Thorpe | 1/25/08

wat up. Cici my name is ty'licia I am your number one fan .If you looking for somebody to dance with you i'm your girl.Everybody say i could dance and I am NOT trying to brag. If I ever met you i would fall out.My dream is one day to be like you . I can sing,dance dress,and do hair.I love the way you sing and dance. when your videos come on my sisters call me ,and say ty look at you on tv.If you ever want to find me i live in Savannah,GA. Thank you, MA

i love ur singing | Reviewer: destynee | 1/18/08

i am u biggest fan i love u so much gurl u keep up the good work and u will keep being a super star while i am telling u this i am listening to ur music me and my boifriend we met on ur song and i thats my best song keep up the good work i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i love you | Reviewer: babs | 12/12/07

i love everything about ciara,should i talk of her music,dancing,beauty and everything else i could ever think of,but one thing i wish you could change about your attitude is your dressing that reveals almost all the parts of your body,but you get to know that lots of people love you out there not leaving me out. I LOVE U.

why these hoes hating on you my nigg> | Reviewer: shanaye | 12/5/07

ciara whe you read mines. you need to tell these hating ass hoes to stop hating on you because they aint doing nothing about this. All I have to say is keep yo head up and believe in what you want tobelieve. because the hoe who is saying this shit is just ass dum because they are not famous. The only reason why is saying this shit is because they do not have a page. they ugly. Because as I was seeing you had a men it was bowwow tell those hoes to calm down and get loose and think aout it. and they should fallback. let them hoes know..iight my email is write me back my nigga

Thanx | Reviewer: Crystal | 12/3/07

People never realli kno the impact they have on s0meone i read one of ur articles a while back n i understo0d for once where someone in the music biz was c0min fr0m u left hope for me to keep tryin to become a singer a dream of mine since age 3 so0 whatever i d0 im juss gonna keep tryin n its all because of u mii inspiration Thank You!!!

U will do fine no matter what. | Reviewer: Michael | 11/16/07

What I mean by u will do fine no matter what, is that people say u are a man I don't think so.I think u are a Strong,Beautiful and nice person.U inspior me alot if I saw u I would freak and I would show u how I sing.From your BIGGEST,BIGGEST fan.LUV YOU BYE.

u tha shiiz! | Reviewer: arielle a.k.a young lloydz babysis! | 11/1/07

girl u da biznuzs u sooooo cool! i listen 2 u everyday i b bumoin it lol ima alwayz b a fan yo ur so pretty n so talented!well im n class so i g2g lol xoxo bye

hey | Reviewer: Dee | 10/22/07

hey cici!how u doin?i just wanna tell u,u are great,u are the best!u are a brilliant preformer,dancer and singer of course!i wanted 2 ask u will u come on a tour over the balcan especially the on the south!please we love u...

HATERS!!! | Reviewer: Karynthia Chatman | 10/21/07

I was looking at some of the reviews and I jus wanted to sat to all those people that dont like CIARA needs to get off of this page and to keep talkin bout her cuz youre her #1 fans...and I bet you if she came to ya house youll be up there drouling over her so stop know you want to be CIARA

hey ciara | Reviewer: naianga mara | 10/18/07

hey ciara am from austrlia and ma in love with ur song and to tell u the truth ur the best dancer in the world no one else cn dance like you i have to go nw nice talking to you plz write back ASAP.THANKS all the best sister gel

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