I know how it feels | Reviewer: Chelsea | 8/3/13

This song is so true about me because I am a girl who's fallen for her best guy friend too. I love the way the music is fun and I love the lyrics for being deep, meaningfull so i give this 10 out of 10 stars! <3

She's my best friend... | Reviewer: ScaredAndHurtingLesbian | 9/18/10

Everytime I hear this song now, I can't help thinking of how I've ended up falling for my best friend. It hurts, though, because I never EVER want to lose her friendship, and I fear that my feelings may do just that. I mean, yeah, she knows I'm gay, but... If this destroys our friendship, I don't know what I'm going to do. This wouldn't just be "something totally new" for her - it would be like my asking her to change her whole preference, which I respect her far too much to do. However, after realizing this, I can't keep my feelings to myself anymore... I told her, and I haven't heard from her since. Yes, I know this is all my own fault, but it still scares me.

And yet, despite all I do, say, think... "I'm fallin'" for her... Have fallen, and will continue to fall; if she'll still have me, I will always be by her side, because if I have her friendship, then that is the most I could ever ask for, and I shall be happy with that.

True love | Reviewer: Bimbola | 3/8/08

Who would think that true love is fake which is not true love is like something you can't live without of some ppl say that girls are discussing boys are gross well think again when u find someone that is a boy or girl that would be the love at first sight that you evered reached

i was near you | Reviewer: sureya | 8/9/07

i knew there was love between zac efron and vanessa anne hugdens were feeling something that was more than friendship that was only one thing love

talk about true love | Reviewer: angel | 7/7/07

u know most people don't believe in true love becuase they have been hurt to many times or that just don't well clarson seems to think there is true love in this world and u can tell becuase of this song and to most people this is just another love song but to people like me it means more becuase we can relate to the song with our own life

Excelent! | Reviewer: Katie A | 7/7/07

this song is one of my favorites and i know all the words now!! <3 Katie

so true | Reviewer: ilovemango | 4/21/07

What can I say the song caught my attention because of the music and lyrics. I love the music because it sounds fun, while the lyrics was so true and sweet! It seems like life is more fun and easier when you let your "love" find you rather than you trying to find one. Although some may want someone special, friendships also need to be treated especially well since it may progress into something even more--even "something totally new."

Finally noticed (and loved) | Reviewer: Jim McKay | 9/12/06

Big fan of Christy Carlson Romano AND Kim Possible. Is it not ironic that the voice of Kim herself and one of her theme singers are the same person?

Could It Be? A short but sweet song that shows unexpected love, eternal gratitude, and appreciation for a friend who becomes so much more. Don't we all want the same from our beloved, even if he or she doesn't see our love in the same way? Keep hoping and keep loving!