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i love christina perri! | Reviewer: tiffany | 7/16/13

she is my inspiration!
biggest fan ever! i am doind my passion project on her
im so glad in the end she has a happy ending
just like twilight!
soz im a twihard like the biggest one eva!!
yay! her dream came true which is the most important part of all!!

Great touching song,great lyrics n great vocals | Reviewer: Rudo | 6/11/13

love this song so much coz I can relate with what she z singing. can't seem to stop playing it over n over again.heard mi lil brother playing it n asked if he could send me the song via Bluetooth.the. song z jus a classic, sad, touching n real.The instrumental n vocals are awesome. Infact every bit of the song.hv been a fan eversince.

Biggest fan in SA | Reviewer: Marlene Beukes | 5/12/13

I've recently had n heartbreak!! And I listend to this song!! And I've been a fan of the way she expresses everything the way you feel it!! Can't wait till she has her first show in South-Africa !!

so real | Reviewer: eli | 3/9/13

i think that this song is so gorgeous and touching. I didn't know anything about the artist and i never heard the song before until today. I have to sing it and learn it quickly because i have to perform it so since it was given to me i discovered it that way.As i was listening to it i started to cry because coincidentally I'm going through something like it. I can relate and feel the same pain expressed in the song. It is just too real and too emotional. I just love it and fell in love with it instantly.

i cried | Reviewer: jana | 5/7/12

was listening to pandora... when this "haunting" song captured my attention... the melody was just different but absorbing... but the moment i listened to it again and had the lyrics on... I CRIED .... it was as if she wrote the song for me.... been a fan since then,,,;-)

Discovered Christina on the radio last week on holiday in the Outer Hebrides | Reviewer: John Gray | 8/10/11

Steve Wright played this haunting song on his radio show and I was hooked from the first hearing. I tuned in to his show each day last week while I was driving and he played the same song Jar of Hearts everyday. When I returned home I was straight on You Tube and downloaded her cd and was blown away by her raw talent as a singer songwriter. Ten years ago a similar thing happened when I first heard a guy called Ryan Adams who I have since seen live many times. I can't wait to be at her first live shows in the UK.

Answer to my Prayers | Reviewer: Emily | 7/28/11

My dad was in Staples getting copies of some papers and I asked him to leave the keys in the car so I could listen to the radio. I flipped through the stations to my favorite one and heard this song. I had no way to know what this song was called so I just remembered a quote or two from the song and then researched it and discovered this song. I kept on replaying it over and over and over again on YouTube. I found the song "haunting" me, as it was always stuck in my head and I could never switch the song whenever I heard it. The song actually meant a lot to me, and Christina Perri brings her edgy yet classy style into her music which is what I love about her so much. She is my favorite artist and I'm a major fan!

Great Songwriting | Reviewer: susan pasquale | 2/8/11

All I remember is that I was driving down the road and all of a sudden this "haunting" melody was on the radio. The lyrics were as captivating and memorable as the melody. I pulled off the road to grab a pencil and write down the name of the song and the artist. I can't ever remembering doing that before. I'm 60 years old and love all kinds of music. She sure has a gift! I could feel her pain!

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