tryin to walk away | Reviewer: raquel | 5/7/09

I'm going thru a break up after 4 very long years. I love this guy, but he's like a poison or a drug for me. I listen to this song whenever I get the urge to call him or text him. It reminds me of how manipulative he is and how deep down inside there is that strong girl that I lost somewhere along the way. Christina is just an amazing artist and woman.

christina fan! | Reviewer: christina fan! | 4/21/09

i meet this guy, like 3 years ago, and something happened betwen us, and he treats me like im always available for him, always waiting hime,and i coulnt stop thinking of hime,now i got sick of tired of it. i made this promise that ill get over this guy... and this songs just keeps reminding me :D

all these walls are caving in, i cant stop my suffering | Reviewer: Jordan | 2/2/09

i have this guy i am like in love with, he's my bestfriend and he knows i like him. HE might like me too but his girlfriend and him like have this annoying on and off relationship. this makes me feel like im not alone, and i sing it all the time.

This song is amazing!!!!! | Reviewer: CM | 1/9/09

I know this song is about 2 albums ago but i love this song i just discovered it. I am going through kinda a hard time and i listen to this song all the time. I can listen to it over and over again.
Can't wait for her next album. Hope she goes back to the amazing way she made this cd.

Thanks Christina.

christina | Reviewer: Emma | 11/28/08

all christinas songs are written about true things that have happened in christinas life.. and every song she has written relates to someone in a way because people go through different things.. some people have gone through demestic violence like christina.. i went through domestic violence a long time ago n its hard to deal with.. christina is my biggest inspiration and if it wasnt for her id be a big mess right now!!..
shes beautiful n talented and she writes from the heart.
i love her so much!

pain of love | Reviewer: jess | 5/22/08

this song describes excatly how I feel about me and my man. I think he is cheatin. it is just a gut instict and some scandelious texts. but I love him so I can't walk away. normally I would have been left a guy for finding signs of a guy cheating.but I just can't leave him. all I got to say is fucc love. I hate the power it has over ur soul. christina u know my pain.

just in time! | Reviewer: stephanie | 3/10/08

It happened in 2003...This song at that moment was describing my EXACT situation.In fact, it saved me. It sounds cliche but before i heard the song, i was about to break and do something irreversable. Thought no one could understand the true damage of one way love. And what strucked me hard is the accuracy of the explaination of my feelings. Werdly enough, i feel as though someone was spying on me and wrote that song mean while. Christina was the messenger. Ladies, that songs says...we are not alone!

so sad; but its true | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/25/08

This song makes me think about this guy that i'm in absolute LOVE with. But i kno he doesn't feel the same way back, and i know i should let go.. but i can't. Easier said then done. And i need to walk away but i can't.. because my heart won't allow me too. And the worst part about my situation is that i know; but still i keep going back every single time. But in the meantime this song puts at ease and helps me realize that i'm only human, and these things take time..

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jasmine | 1/6/08

Truly when when I first heard the song I didn't like it cause I'm into fast songs,but when I read the lyrics, wow I was truly amazed, they were so true.

Christina at her best. | Reviewer: MV | 12/27/07

This song is just musical perfection. It should of been released as a single. The vocals, the emotion are just extraordinary. I love this song, the emotion in it is

Perfection in musical form! | Reviewer: Kristina | 12/9/07

I can sum this song up in 4 words: Perfection in musical form. Lyrics, voice, interpretation, soul...perfect fragments that came together to create a perfect whole...Amazing!

this song is soo sad and so amazing | Reviewer: Cristina | 12/5/07

is so amazing this song perfect the lyric ...christina hasnt only a beuty face she got a perfect and beutyfull voice

The Best | Reviewer: Diana | 12/1/07

This song has so much much strenght! It's impossible not to love her...
My favorite of all times

AMAZING | Reviewer: Ashley | 11/25/07

She is AMAZING. Words cant describe how great this song is. When I heard this song for the first time, I was balling my eyes out. Thank God for you Christina. This song has alot do to with what is going on in my life right now. Just like the other people that posted a review. Thank God for this song. This song will get me through this tough time in my life. Thank you.

so right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

this is the exact summary of my current situation in the relationship im in lol.
Christina is an amazing song writer and artist shes jst awsome