thanks christina | Reviewer: elyssa faucher | 9/29/13

Thank you so much for this very nice song, it's putting some imagination in my head like exemple when i'll grow up, I have problems with my boyfriend...your song will help me so much.

Thanks Christina <3

Endurance | Reviewer: Eleanor Rigby | 2/11/13

My boyfriend and I, at the conclusion of our relationship. This song is practically a soundtrack of our particular situation. It hurts my soul, still, I can't let go. I listen to this song over and over and it helps me to get through each painful day. Like the title implies, I'll endure til the end, Love ya Christina!

addiction | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/12/12

this song reminds me not of relationships; as has been mentioned in every my opinion, it refers to addiction...something that has complete control...

thank you christina!

imma walk awaya and move on .!!!! | Reviewer: Mariana | 9/4/12

I just love this song so much ..... as much as it hurts to walk away i am this song gets to me and it actually helps me be stronger we all have our up and downs when it comes to LOVE .!!! but we should all be strong .!!! I LOVE. CHRISTINA <333 BEST SONG EVER .!!

She needs to come back | Reviewer: aivaz | 2/12/12

She was one of the most creative, charismatic, talented singers back in early 2000s with masterpiece songs. Now her look, voice, songs all suck, she's totally over now. I wish that she were always 24 years old. We miss old Christina =(

On the other side | Reviewer: tee.girl | 5/11/11

im the type of person that usually falls in and out of relationships un-fazed and Ive never really been in the position where I couldnt walk away until now.....Its lyke being on the other syde of the coin and it sux realizing that i am now the prey trapped feeling useless cos I cant drag myself away from this and he knows it.

An amazing song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

I think this might be her best song. So emotional and raw and AMAZINGLY sung. It really doesn't get old.

What happened to her? She was so great during Stripped, but now she's lost her edge and originality..."so sad but it's true"

Powerful simply powerful! | Reviewer: anthony Dear | 1/14/11

I have "walk away on my ipod and I play it each and everyday. But there is something you don't know. I am a man!!! I just love this song and I am 50 years old. African American but I listen to this song at least 10 times a day. This is the best song EVER!!! I need to "walk away" but have'nt the strenght to hurt another human being. Please advise me on what to do.

8 years later...still a powerful song! | Reviewer: Julio | 12/31/10

I remember this entire album being my theme when I went through a major depression in late 2002. And I grew stronger, but not before nearly losing my life.

This song in specific tears me apart, but only because I know so many of us can relate. Stay strong people. Find something to fight for, like I did.

Story of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/10

Every word is so true in this song it's like my life story. Every lyric reminds me of my boyfriend. I need to get away from him but I just can't. I can't find the strength to do it. Were fighting at the moment and both of us fight alot. He's the same with me he prob needs to get away from me. Were so alike that we clash. The only reason were still together is that we forget about the fights because we love each other so much. But I can see that it's slowly starting to fade. Were drifting apart and I just can't walk away.

incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

Im going through a breakup and while listening to the usual break up songs, I came to this one and realized how perfect the words are to my exact situation. Even better that Christina sings it, I love her and she sings it the way I feel it. I love this person who has said that we are like poison to each other, someone I cant just walk away from. He cant walk away from me either though, so I guess this song would even work for him. Ugh, asshole.

walk away | Reviewer: acris | 2/26/10

my husband and i went through a rough spot and he made me lose myself ....gave him a second chance and hes trying so hard....this song relate 2 me when i was going through it.......a year later some trust has been regained itll take a while till' im okay and this song always reminds me how i am still lost but in love

walk away christina aguilera | Reviewer: krystin | 12/28/09

This song really hits me to the bone I have fell deeply in love with this guy he was my first love and I put my heart and soul into him and we dated for two years and we are both poision to one another and this song helps show and help me deal with the pain of letting him go and moving on and I hope this song helps others

im addicted to your allure | Reviewer: Rawyah | 9/19/09

this song ....words cant really describe the way it relates to me.... every beat reminds me of someone that really hurt me in my life. christinas voice has so much power and strength in every word that she sings in this song .... it makes me feel as though i have released that tension and sadness in every word she takes breath for thank you christina yo

I need to get away from... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

This song is lyrical genius at it's best. So many songs with so little meaning out there, but this touches a soft spot in everyones heart. No matter your specific situation everyone has come accross something that is bad for them.. But it feels so right at the time. I love and respect mrs. Aguilara for being such a strong, fearless and capable woman. Which we all have inside of us, it's just whether we have the willpower to follow thru with our knowledge.