x-tina | Reviewer: n jay | 10/11/07

wow this song makes me wana walk down da street singing it out loud jus how much i love my ex and how bad she is for me yet i cant let go of her 2years and i stil luv her much as da day i met her i aint been wit no1new she the one, christina this helps me get thru it mwah wikked!!

tragically beautiful | Reviewer: cookie | 10/3/07

I've been playing this song over n over n over again lately in my car and never got sick of it.. it's the one song that makes me wanna rebel against the world and walk away from anyone and everyone. no one's worth the trouble, no one's worth the pain.. self respect\control is the most important thing..
just be free

Incredible | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/9/07

This song is beautiful. I can connect with the lyrics because this is exactly what happened to me in my previous relationship. But I walked away in the end and this song really helps.

One of Xtina's most underrated work | Reviewer: Richard | 8/26/07

This song is....wow. This is Christinas personal best. Anyone who doesnt feel a connection to this song, has no soul, because thats exactly what this song touches.

brought me to tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

when i first heard this song i just burst out in tears. ive always liked Christina, but this song made me LOVE her. It couldnt more perfectly describe the relationship that i am in right now. It was almost like a little message from the Lord himself telling me to WALK AWAY from the guy im with right now. I wish i could directly contact Christina and thank her over and over again for making this song.

its definitely my all time favorite.

likee does it get anyy better dan diss | Reviewer: touchedby walk away | 6/5/07

doess anyonee agree
i mean doess it gett any better dan diss
christinaa urr ggawjuzz andd ahh
urr vocalss are amaziingg..
thiss song has touchedd manyy u shudd be proud christinaa amaziingg soongg and lyricss

one word | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

Every time I hear this song by Christina I don't know whether to laugh, smile, cry, or dance... I can only say... wow

Walk away Christine Aguilera | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

I just wished to god that she had released this song off of her album as a single in the uk. I have many favourites of CAs but by far this is the best.

Oh gooood. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

This is probably the best song Christina has ever made. Everytime I hear it I start crying. Seriously love it. And she has an amazing voice.

Walk away | Reviewer: Shantelle | 4/18/07

This song is amazing, i think its the only song that i can relate 2 and really.. Everytime i hear it, and thats been quite a lot as of late, it just.. screams u know what you have 2 do... christina has amazing vocals and im absolutely sure no one can sing this like her.. litteraly tears 2 my eyes from her voice and the lyrics.. wow..

LOOOVE | Reviewer: Isabelle | 2/14/07

i can promise you that you will never EVER find a bigger xtina-fan than me. I even have her picture with me every where i go, I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

amazing | Reviewer: emily | 2/2/07

this song has helped me get over my ex boy friend and everytime im hear it i get emotional and no other song has every made me cry so this song rocks n it is sung by such a talnted aritst

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/06

this song is REALLLy good she has such an amazing voice and i love the lyrics

Emancipating but Captivating.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/05

Well.. This is a great song for all those who've suffered from a bad relationship but tends to look for it in the end.. so sad.. everytime i hear this song, brings my memories back.. never have i heard a song that matches me, really.. and the vocals are simply playful but stunning.. christina rocks my ears..

You don't have to have experienced it to relate to her story-telling | Reviewer: Chris Mattix | 10/5/05

She has an epic talent with a superior vocal range, that although an occasional word or two escapes you in this particular song, if you aren't reading the lyrics, is still, at the very least phenomenal. This is usually an annoying aspect in listening to a song, for me, but this piece is sang with such true soul, that even those who've never been in a situation as she seems to be trying to sing to you about, begs your understanding with the way she can cry out to you in this song. Even the most reclusive and unexperienced of humans would feel empathy and remorse and understanding after listening... even if before the song they'd never admit to have been able to relate.