Reviews for Save Me From Myself Lyrics

Performed by Christina Aguilera

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Relate. | Reviewer: Alaina | 12/7/07

This is like the book written for most relationships. Especially mine, but i suppose its special for everyone who can relate. Good work. x

Your awsom | Reviewer: nikki | 12/2/07

Dear Christina,
You are my fav. SInger and this is one of my favourite song. COngrats with the baby!

if... | Reviewer: T | 9/16/07

i love this song so much. i am fortunate enough to have someone save me and always make me happy... unfortunately, we are best of friends and i wish it were more than that.
christina, thank you. you are amazing.

beautiful song | Reviewer: diz | 9/16/07

i think once you can actually sing this beautiful song to a certain someone, you can safely say that person is truly yours. especially after you put him/her through hurt &he/she is still there. love this song.

lovee iit | Reviewer: shaanniiee | 9/11/07

this is one of the most amazing songs i've evahh heard in myy whole lyyf. its sung so differently from the rest of her songs and i love it

sooo wunderful | Reviewer: Jaqueline | 8/31/07 jaqueline from germany..i listen to this song th efirs crying the hole time while im listen to.. i think its a beatiful song..i like christina very much and she has a fantastic voice..sooooo great!!! i love it

My Fav | Reviewer: J.J. | 8/7/07

One of my favorite songs ever by Christina. I especially love it b/c her voice sounds different here.

Thoughts | Reviewer: kaz | 7/28/07

I think the reason this song has penetrated so many hearts is that its so honest. Often we are our own enemies..and having someone there to remind us that we are valued is so comforting. The soft whisper that is this song is so different from most of Christina's work, which makes more of her strong vocals. And so this one draws us in because it feels like genuine 'quiet' and powerful emotion. We are implicated in the song because its sung so softly, it becomes more personal that way. But of course its unique in this song because the strength of her voice is what blows everyone away! I never will forget the song from the Mulan soundtrack 'Who is that girl I see...etc' The notes she reaches without going into high voice in that song are unbelievable! I will always value Christina's art.

Amazing | Reviewer: Nadia | 7/26/07

Christina has an amazing voice. The song is sung so softly, but yet is so powerful and full of emotion. It's a very touching song in a nutshell.

Christina is Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

Christina....back to basics is an amazing album....i was so fortunate to find someone who could save me from myself. Save me from myself has to be the most powerful, intense song i have ever heard. Thank you for that.

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