Why Christina is such a good Artist/Performer? | Reviewer: Leonie Mooney | 4/11/07

The reason i think Christina is such a good artist is,she motovates her fans to follow their dreams and not to let anyone tell them that they cant.Shes so inspiring,that shes an idol to me,one of the things i love about her is,that she'd say not to let anyone take you down in life and to follow yours dreams.Stand strong and be truth to yourself!This is why i love her so much.xx :)

hi i have qutions to ask? | Reviewer: briella | 4/2/07

hi im briella lucasim 13 years old i loveyour singing my mumisthe same age as you she likes to sing when other people sing i like you singing its so cool how can u sing like that i have a question for you what high school did u go to cause im doing a project on to people im doing christing aguilera and vannesa hunden?. and i need it for school im a y8 and i go to heaton school in newzealand i live in town i move alot and i dont get projects done at all cause im to dumb n the head. i have alot more questions like wat school you went to wats you middle name is your middle name is maria. i have another questions how old were you when you were singing and were did you move too? or whens your birthday but i dont go on computers at hoome im in the library. so i go to heaton school my last name is lucas im live in newzealand. i dont have a computer at home. but ill e moving soon and go somewere eles in town my friends get me in troble alot i wonder why my said they are jealous of you but i dont belive that i listen to your music all the time please right back but i cant really cause i dont have a computer and well who cares u got to go now well nices talking to you well have fun bye.

Love Ya X-Tina!!! | Reviewer: Lupita | 2/24/07

X-Tina is my Fav. singer!!!!
i'm 1 of her biggest fans!!!
u'r my only one in my heart...
ur songs is my life..
Beautiful,,voice with in,,i'm Ok,, Hurt,, Ain't no other man,,Dirty,, Tell Me P. Diddy ft. X-Tina,,car Wash,, Lady Marmalade,, and so on..
Baby Jane,, why can i love u??
But don't thing i'm Lesby..
sorry,, i can't speak English well.. i'm from indonesia,,
And... For X-Tina : Can u go to jakarta (Indonesia) for Make a concert???
Ur honey moon is in Bali, indonesia right??
i'm waiting for Ya..!!!

cool | Reviewer: Thalia | 2/15/07

I have to do a biography on her in my 2nd period and just with reading one of books I've learned so many wonderful things about her shes pretty awesome!!!!!


cant hold her down!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/06

omg!!! what can i say i love this girl she is brillant i am 1 of her biggest fans she has an amazing voice. she has grown up over the years so much but she only gets better with time!!!!!!!!!! x x x

A Simply Amazing Performer | Reviewer: Lauren | 1/1/06

This girl is just...incredible. She did so much in such a short period of time its absolutely breath taking! Her performances always leave the audience wanting so much more! Her songs are so emotional and realistic that people are just drawn to her music like moths to flames!!! Her lyrics are so powerful, and dont get me started on that shocking voice of her! That girl can sing!!!!

AWESOME, and Amazing | Reviewer: Sherri Nixon | 10/7/05

Christina Aguilera, is one of a kinda.. she's is amazing with her voice and the style that she prestents. She tends to think before she acts, as you can read about in her BIO. I am one of her biggest fans! ^.<

Amazing | Reviewer: Gaia | 9/16/05

Christina has, no doubt, the strongest voice in the music industry. I love her like anything. She should change her look though. But, she rules

xtina = the voice within | Reviewer: mireille | 7/30/05

xtina has got the most beautiful voice i have ever heard, she can sing every song of the world with her voice
and she is very beautiful and does things her own way
xtina you are amazing!!!!!!!

-xxx- moi

xtina is hot!!!! | Reviewer: Emma | 3/13/05


ANY1 WANNA ADD ME 2 UR MSN FEEL FREE......lil_emzie18@hotmail.com

Spread your wings and soar!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/05

Miss Aguilera is the rock-ass chick! She Rulez! She Rock me and my bros world...i Love the Song soar

X-Tina, Christina, No diff | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/24/04

Call her slut all you want, she's a kick-ass singer who inspires others, so stop slagging her, she rules

beautiful | Reviewer: victoria | 9/11/04

she is such a wonderful singer. she doesn't care of what people think about her. she is anorexic but it doesn't matter she is still a singer.
you have to understand that she is a person!

she is like the other people in this world. peace to yall!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/04

I Love Christina Aguilera because she's just herself and shows other people that she doesn't care if they don't like who she is, that's just her and it will remain that way. She's a rocking diva with an amazing voice and I hail her!