ur my number #1 fan | Reviewer: lonygirl<3 | 3/29/12

hi my name is lonyae and im nine i love u and ur music i really hope i can see u one day when i was a litle girl like 1 or 2 i use to watch mtv with my mommy and i heard hurt and as years day weeks went by i would sing it over and over and over again and after dada came aguilera NO LIE and my mom said im not susprised see sees her last name almost everyday but im ur number one fan i hope u can come to Bermuda oneday its fun and walk away oh mother hurt beatiful all those songs and more inspire me ur name is im my diary 100 tomes i love u god bless u christina and ur husbad and ur son ur huggest number #1 fan lonyae grant i love u always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your my obsession. | Reviewer: Gina | 7/1/11

chritina aguilera; well what can i say, your absolutly amazing in so many ways. im one of your biggest fans ever,i think i have a really really really huge obsession with you. your just ace. you have the best voical range ever, and your songs are always heart felt and amazing. one day i will that id be able to meet you as you have always been my favourite star.i listen to you ever day, as i have ever single one of your albulms no lie. you MOVIE. wow that was amazing burlesque. your also the most amazing actress, a true born performer.
love you aguilera.xoxo Gina.

Your amazing | Reviewer: Jen | 1/25/11

Christina, I think your absolutely amazing and love your work. I'm only 13 and I'm from liverpool in England. You inspire me, when I am older I want to be just like you!
I think your so beautiful and so talented your story of your childhood is truly touching. Everyone asked me when i was younger what I wanted to be when I was older... I would say, I want to be just like Christina. Your completely amazing and have a lovely voice, never change because I love you just the way you are.
Without a doubt you are my favourtie actress, singer and star by far.
Love you girl, keep doing what your doing!<3

OMG !! | Reviewer: Dana | 5/22/10

i love you christina!!! no matter what the magazines say i will always be on your side.. dont let anyone judge your music be cause it is unique cuz u havee soooo many fans that love you and care about you!!! always remember that!!

yes, but..... | Reviewer: Dave | 5/4/10

I agree with the rest in that Christina is the most amazing singer, she has done an enormous amount of good from the platform she has achieved, and she is the champion and model for women and other disenfranchised groups of our world. However, I find it impossible for ANY of you to be her #1 fan. With all respect, that is a position I have held since... forever. She will always sing to my heart and soul. She has NOT achieved anything that I knew she couldn't do.

yOur biqqest fann ; | Reviewer: diqnOra | 1/25/10

Omqq xtina ; first off let me say that ive been your biqqest fan from day one ; ive always listened to you music since i was a little girland its always been something that i love to listen to. i love to sing and when i began to listen to your sonqs i enjoyed singing even more. i always trie to sing like you and i think i could in certain parts of you songs . you have such a pretty voice and maybe one day i could be as successful and talented as you are ; by the way good luck in whatever you do, god bless you &your husband, son max and the rest of you family. i would love to meet you, it would mean the world to me, maybe you can help me with my singing ! i love you christina ! lOve your hugest fan.


Christina i actually feel that im your biggest fan!
I love everything about you my boyfriend gets jealous over how many posters and CD's i have of you! Your amaizing, beautifal but most of all you've got an awesome voice =]]
Me and my sister argue all the time over whos better .. you or Britney Spears But i know its most defently You... Your music has helped me through so much this past year i dont know what id doo if i didnt have your music in stereo.!
I LOVE YOU CHRISTINA... Thanks for everything =]]

El Beso Del Final | Reviewer: nothing_toxic | 6/23/09

I was crazy of the rhyme and her voice, it's a very fantastic choice, I only know I love this song the way I love her :) Thank to Christina and her crew to bring up this great job.

p.s : I love you ^_^

laurr is a HUGE fan of Christina ! <33 | Reviewer: laurr | 4/3/09

oh my godnesss ; she is like godness princess . i love her soo much because she has a verry smooth voice and i loove her from my heart & i hope i could see her in someday and i am deaf .. but i have thingy on my ear to hear and all the time i listen to her songs and im doing my project about christina for english .. i love her peace

Christina........ My words arn't enough | Reviewer: Adam | 8/1/08

I'd like to tell u about my feling to you , I'd like to thank u verey much cuz you made my girl friend back to me once i sent her your song "I Tern To You'" she then when she called me she where crying and forgave me
thanks sooooooooooooooo much Christina

Lovinn Herr Bigestt Fann Everr ! ! ! | Reviewer: samantha | 4/21/08

I am like the biggest fan of christina i knw everything about her she is stunning and has a beatiful baby boy called maz liron bratman ,, she wieghs 102lbs and she stands at 5.2 ,, she is my idol and one day i would love to meet her she is my dream fantasy ! ! !

artist of the century | Reviewer: arsi | 12/28/07

christina aguilera donot deserve this kind of success because she deserves bigger than this......because she is a total performer that can sing, dance and even act ........

she deserves better then this.....

i love your stuff! | Reviewer: ashley | 12/11/07

i love to sing,but no one knows! you are my role model,and i look up to everything you do! when you went away for that little while,i was devestated,but now that you're back i'm so glad.
i love your music,and my friends say i sing like you. i'm only 13 though.

i love you christina!=)

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

christina is honestly amazing. her voice is phenomenal and her concerts are really worth going to. i love her so much because she is real and speaks the truth. her songs have changed my life and gotten me through some tough times.
thanks for being my hero.

Ahh | Reviewer: Diana | 10/7/07

Christina you are my idol. You are beautiful, i love all of your music, your lyrics are inspirational for so many people, especially girls like me. You have a true gift, your voice is phenominal and I love it. I love you!!