HEAR MY PAIN | Reviewer: misscamino | 10/22/13

Grandma,I know your lookin down on me, being proud of me is not yet,and I understand. But if you look into my heart you will know the truth. It stands in the pain I earned, wrapped up in the regrets. Forgive me. Shawna

its too late. | Reviewer: sony | 5/9/13

this song remind me of mature women who love me very much, she do anything for me to make me happy but i can't accept her love until she died because cancer....and i just realize how big her love to me and i never found until now....i'm sorry i hope your find your love in heaven.......................

truth of meaning | Reviewer: Tamika | 2/14/13

I had read in a magazine when the song was most popular the interview with Christina Aguilera, and she was singing about her father, he left when she was younger, just think out the film clip.

Im so 4 hurting u!! | Reviewer: Goddess | 1/19/12

I've bin hurtin ma b.f sayn mean thngs to hm, i dnt wana lose hm. Hz bin a gud man to me. Dnt knw wat to do,im tryn to change bt its a long process. Im sorry 4 everythn Ezrael & i love you!!!

love this song | Reviewer: nossah | 1/11/12

well, i don't know how to start , any wayz in life sometimes a sweet love story starts between aguy and agirl , every thing go well then something changes suddenly maybe it's ment to be , no matter wt happened it's all are just details from the past , but the point is though u miss someone u can't do any thing about it cause u made mistakes also u got hurt in the end u should face it and leave.

22410 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/11

dunnoe if im stupid or just burned up in our relationship...anyway, i've got myself to blame now. all i want is for him to prove that i'm wrong, and help me to understand every little thing...i just cant do it all alone. though i've tried.
but i think he's gone.

my honey | Reviewer: James Hetfield | 9/27/11

This is a song I did not know until suggested to me by my sweet beloved. This is a very impressive song and just make me to think of her.
My love to her is never ending and here I repeat it again "I love you forever"

Life is unfair... | Reviewer: khadija | 7/14/11

Yes This song is really depressed..I have listened to this music repeatedly..And liten to this music effects me in a strange way.My feelings are very mixed when I listen to this..I like...I should try do not lost my friend and ...I need help of GOD as always..

Just the truth | Reviewer: Fateme | 7/13/11

This song makes me very sad and remineds me of my best friend that I lost her . I ignored her because I got some new friends but none of them where true ones . I was a fool . Those new ones left me after a year . I've realized how much I need her and how precious she was to me but it's too late . All that is left to me is regret . I lost her after being friends for a long time . My tears are filling my eyes while I'm writing this . I'm really sorry ...

Thanks christina...

very powerful song! | Reviewer: andy | 4/4/11

I have a lot of favorite singers and i love to listen to their songs but when it is Christina Aguilera I am listening to --whew-- it is totally different. She pours out her emotions and I could feel the touch of the story of the song when she sings it. That is one thing I love about her, making her stand out compared to other singers. OMG, the first time I hear HURT, i didn't notice the tear drops in my eyes. There was a flashback of the past... I remember someone I've lost. Someone I dearly love. Wow, THE LYRICS, THE SINGER, THE MELODY, THE ACCOMPANIMENT WERE JUST WONDERFUL! I love you Christina.. now and forever!

My life right now in a nutshell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

These words describe how through a terrible divorce then a sudden unexpected death to a 35 y/o healthy man life can stop you right in your tracks. we were both wrong yet i hurt every day wondering "if only I hadn't been so stubborn". he could have given me everything yet because of past pain i wouldn't let my wall down. Now I see him every day through the eyes of our children who are now without a dad. I suffer every day wondering how I am going to do this and if he is looking down at me i want to say "I'm sorry and please help me do right by these beautiful children." So many days i wish the Lord had taken me rather than you. I AM TRULY SORRY B.

Emotional. . ! | Reviewer: Lauren | 3/10/11

This song is the only song that has actually brought me to tears. . . I think its the most amazing song ever because i know for a fact that my father doesn't care for me and if i die before he does, i want him to listen to this song and realize all his mistakes. . . The same goes to everyone else that treats me like rubbish. . ! I have really drawn this song close to my heart and it will stay there for as long as i live ! <3

So beautiful song... | Reviewer: Al | 2/21/11

When somehow I have heard this song it impressed me so much I could hardly start crying. It's song about me and mine feellings! Oh, when I've lost my love it has been giving me a sense of life. Thank you, Christina!

Thankss | Reviewer: melodirasa | 12/1/10

So lovely song,This song make me to fell sadness
cause i did more mistakes on my past by someone..
and if i had chance before lost him ...i told him
yes he has more things that makeing me proud knew him ... i wish he read this message from me

missing you. | Reviewer: pellegrine | 9/19/10

i have heard this song before, but it wasnt until tonight when it popped up on the radio that i actually listened.
I lost my dad september 4th 2010... i didnt listen when he told me he was proud of me or say i miss you too when he told me he missed me... but "if i had just one more day, i would tell you how much that i missed you since youve been away" this song describes our life that we had in the end. "if only i knew what i knew today." Miss you daddy.