such a beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/10

I love this song. I lost my dad unexpectedly 2 weeks ago, and this song makes me think of him.

And it makes me think of all the things I still want to learn from him, and if he's proud of all the things I've done.

before it's too late | Reviewer: peaches | 8/9/10

i was almost crying watching this video.. my mom hated me today that she wished i was never her daughter!And it hurts alot.. realizing my mistakes..
i never could imagine losing my mother, though we used to argue and she used to brag at me, about how she regretted having me as her own."HURT" is really a touching song, it fits for those people hurting their loved ones.. so before its too late, and before you guys lost someone precious in your lives.. say sorry!!

reflection | Reviewer: mi | 6/7/10

My brother committed suicide a few months ago.
This song reflects so much of the regrets and apologies I have in me.

There's nothing I wouldn't do to hear his voice again, and if I had just one more day, I would tell him how much that I've missed him since he's been away.

sorry about hurting my love | Reviewer: tara | 5/8/10

I love this song.When i dont have my love beside me,i used to cry with this song.I've hurt him so much and now i reagret it.i wish he would forget how much i tease him.I'm really sorry for blaming him.
He's my first and last love.
Sina,I love you,and a day

Really touching. . . | Reviewer: Yamajaecassie | 2/2/10

This song really really reach the bottom of my heart. . . I reminded once again about my egoistic mistakes to others. . . This song feels so deep and related to people's life (things that described in this song happened often in life right?)
I already knew this song long time ago,and this song never ever fail to make my tears flow down when I listening repeatedly. Such a beautiful song by C. Aguilera~

♥♥♥♥♥ | Reviewer: i need tyler back | 2/1/10

wow this song reminds me way too much of tyler eicheal. it hurts me to listen to this song because all i do is think of his smile and his eyes the way they sparkled when he looked me in the eyes. i need him back ok that man was my world its been a long while since ive lost him and it still hurt to think of him. my love for him will grow as long as i live, even if he dont want me back idc ill always love my first and one love. this sing is amazing and its hard to listen to but i manage lol

fantAAStic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

the song is very beuatiful on its own, but if you are reading the lyrics when you hear this song , the song is the "most" beatiful song that I heard in my life. In my country exist one tv program that its called Operación Triunfo. One day , Alba Lucía, a girl with a very beatiful voice sang this song. When I heard, inmediatly i was searching the song in youtube and the lyrics in google. If I could make a wish, I will say : PLEASE, GIVE THE VOICE TO SING THIS BEEEEEEAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFULLLLLL SONG!!!!!!

love it. | Reviewer: Girl_DDD | 6/23/09

this is one of the best song i ever heard.. and one of the best of Christina. this song really makes me cry.. :'( actually lyric and music -- so proffessional.. so touching in my heart.. i love it. :)

cooooooooooool | Reviewer: nany | 6/1/09

this song is so wonderful.. this song makes me cry.... i had a lot of problems with my mum, but now everything is ok .... when i remember that things i mean what hapend betwn me and her i wish that............

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: danielle | 5/16/09

this song is the best i have been throuch alot in my loife i have had alot of family almost die but my father was in the hospital and i almost lost him thanks to god he is fine but that song came out on that day so i think that i feel the same way christina feels (almmost).

hurting someone you love | Reviewer: Evangeline | 4/25/09

This song makes me so sad, I remember when me and my mom would get in petty altercations and we would say things we shouldn't have said. My mom isn't dead, but I know if I were ever to loose her i would die inside. You just can't take life for granted not everyday is promised so you have to make sure each day, you tell the one you love most that you do love them.

Touching in every way. | Reviewer: Splitty | 4/20/09

I think that in a way, this song can relate to everyone in this world at least once in their life. Even the cruelest of men might have cried over the loss of a loved one in the past; and if anything, this song will make anyone want to cry. It is absolutely beautiful, and has a place in my heart which is above all other songs. I give kudos to the writers of this song, and for Christina for singing it. Absolutely spectacular.

extremely good song | Reviewer: sarah | 3/9/09

i extremely like this song. this song reminds me of my dad who passaed away several months ago. he is really my great father. he used to give me a spirit each day. but sometimes i hurt n blame him for nothing. ohhh.. i'm so sad if remember such stupid mistake. i love my dad, may he rest peace up in heaven and always smile at me..

Heart touching | Reviewer: Jan | 2/24/09

every time I listen to "Hurt" I cant help but crying. I don't even know why. I start thinking about how much I'll miss my parents and grand parents when they die one day. And it reminds me that I have to spend more time with them. We have so little time in this world and it's good to be reminded that you have to spend if with the ones who love you.

wow | Reviewer: lauren | 2/7/09

This song is really great and it touched me alot. im an upcomming singer and this is the first song i can belt. This song reminds me of my greatgrandma she died last year. she was 97 and i was really close with her. she always said Smile God Loves You. and i never really listined to it until she was gone. and it means alot to me. I love you.