Sad sad song!!! | Reviewer: anonymos | 12/2/07

I remember this song and cry when I remember about my hare. I had a hare when I was 11 and it was only 1 week old. It was the first ever pet I got and then unexpectedly 2 weeks later it died because It wouldn't eat it's vegitable. Thats what the song reminds me of.

Sad | Reviewer: anonymos | 12/2/07

I remember this song and cry when I remember about my hare. I had a hare when I was 11 and it was only 1 week old. It was the first ever pet I got and then unexpectedly 2 weeks later it died because It wouldn't eat it's vegitable. Thats what the song reminds me of.

im sorri | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

id always h8ted my parents nd 1 day 2 years ago i just couldnt take it soo i moved out leaving my mom nd dad nd brother nd all my other family behind at first it seemed like the right thing 2 do i was depressed,bullied, nd involed in self harm,expelled frm skool nd i thought it would get me away frm everthing it worked 4 a while but then i realli started 2 miss them i had no money no clean clothes nufink i started 2 realise that even though most the time i was wit them we arugued but they did loads of things 4 me nd i had never done anythink 4 them soo 1 day i asked my only m8 2 come wit me nd go bk 2 my house as a knocked on the door a strange ma n came 2 the door i asked 4 my mom he said they moved out nd he had no contact 4 them ! i was heartbroken my friend let me move in wit her 4 a while! im realli upset still as i noo i never made them pround i realli miss them now i regret being sooo bad i also regret the fact that i never said i love yooh 2 them im sorri :( xx
i miss yooh so much since yooh av been away mom , dad , cam ,lou , sarah nd i hope that 1 day i will find yooh nd we can forget the alltimes nd become happy!

that song.... | Reviewer: Sabrina N. | 11/27/07

Wow that song just swells ur eyez nd numbs ur heart. Wen u think of ppl u might have lost either to God or the world ur mind goez to all that u didn't do. I lost a part of my heart... my grandma. Me noein wat it feelz like makes me undastand diz song. If you've heard it just think about wat she's sayin nd give her props for being able to capture it in words!!!

One day | Reviewer: Mellia | 11/23/07

Every time I hear this song i cry soo much because I know one day i will be thinking this about my father. I wish I had a better relationship with him because I know one day he will be gone and I will regret everything I ever said or done to hurt him.

Someday?? | Reviewer: Mom | 11/17/07

My daughter is BiPolar and a teenager at the sametime, rough combination. She has said so many hurtful and abusive things to me. I realize that most of it is due to her illness, especially when she's in a manic state or doesn't get her own way. She is such a gifted and talented person and due to her illness it is ruining her life!!! Her abusiveness is very painful. When I her this song I wonder if Someday these words will be hers when I am no longer here. This song makes me cry evertime I hear it, for her. What she is missing out on in terms of a relationship with a loving and caring mother. I Love You J. in spite os everything.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Nikki | 11/16/07

I think Christina rocks, and she's a better singer than Britney Spears. Her voice in this song is amazing! I tried to sing along with it and I was like this song is hard to sing. And I'm actually a very good singer. So two thumbs up to you Christina. You are the best at singing this kinda song. Love your music, all of them.

this is really sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

this song is so strong and it gets 2 u and this song most of came really from the heart from her because it really means something when u listen 2 this song ang it is strong and so deep that it might make u CRY but in a good why.

About Hurt | Reviewer: roe | 11/2/07

The first time Ive ehard it, thought twas a song for a guy who was taken for granted by a woman and when I saw the MTV, the song had another interpretation in a daughter's perspective. This is somehow the counterpart of Barbra Streisand's Papa Can You Hear Me. Both songs chronicle the persons we love and how much regret one could feel once this person goes away. Hurt does not only come with perfect lyrics and tone, it was sung from the heart of MS. Aguilera as if she's telling a true-to-life story. One thing I;ve learned form the song is..."don;t miss the chance to show how important someone is, because you'll never know when you will lose them."

supportT | Reviewer: ;P | 10/31/07

This song shows the exellent vioce of Xtina!
I 'm considering to choose this to school singing contest too!
I dare to sing this!!

Chances missed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

My ex lover sent this song to me recently and told me its about us. Its a beautiful song and I cry every time I hear it. He walked away when things got a bit rough. I felt broken hearted and lost all my pride as I didn't know what to do with myself. Now I am making a new life for myself he wants to come back. I know he would do the same again - so why am I listening to this over and over again? Can anyone tell me??? I must be mad!

This song..... | Reviewer: Alyssa | 10/25/07

I'm going to be singing this song for a school talent show. It has a great range and the musicality is amazing. But other than the technical things about it, this song makes me remember things, and miss people, it means a whole lot to me, and a bunch of people I know. I know that I'm no the only one in feeling this way either by reading the other reviews. I just thank God that someone like Christina who's powerhouse voice can drive us all to things that once made us happy, and help us to remember things we should, even if we might not want to. I thank God that we have someone who's lyrics can make you have many different emotions all at once. That is truly a person to be thankful for.

crying | Reviewer: Ollie | 10/23/07

Dear Christina

I can't imagine, that you can sing this song withouth crying.
Everytime I try to sing it, somethings get stock in my throat, hurt from a person I loved very much and every time I think of him, I hear your song,
He isn't dead, but we split up a copple of months ago.
I miss hem every day very much and I wish I could turn back time, so we would be friends again.
Thanks for understanding

Can't stop this tears away | Reviewer: Imelda Silaa | 10/17/07

Everytime I hear this song, I just can't stop my tears away. Remembering that I lost my beloved daddy two years ago, and it hurted me so much I was not there coz I though that my job was more important... I know that I've hurt his heart, if only I can turn back time....

i miss him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/07

this songs reminds me of someone i loved very much
and about to marry,for certain reasons we split up and i recently got married 11 months ago, but i miss that other person so much at times i wish i can call but he won't be there. i wish i can look at him and tell him i miss him.