touching.. | Reviewer: naz | 5/22/07

well done 2 christina..such lovely wordings..goes well with her made me cry..all da best 2 ya..

I'vε hurt mysεlf, by hurting you.. </3 | Reviewer: nicholεαnnε* | 5/21/07

This song, fits mε pεrfεctly. I just wεnt through α bαd brεαk up, & wεll, I'm not α rαthεr shy pεrson, but I mαdε α stupid mistαkε. I could nεvεr look into his εyεs. Thαts why --for αnyonε who knows mε-- I hαvε thεsε lyrics in my pεrsonαl mεssage on msn;;

"- Thεrε's nothing I wouldn't do, To hαvε just onε morε chαncε. To look into your εyεs, & sεε you looking bαck.."

Hurt Lyrics | Reviewer: Andrea | 5/10/07

I know i havent seen the vid of this song but it must be lovley. This song is so beautiful and plus i wanna kno the theme of it not jst because shes hurt but because did she broke up wit someone or oyu know. By the way im 11 years old.

thank u | Reviewer: darine | 5/7/07

i cannot tell any thing else
just i love this wonderful song and it made me cry every times i lesten to it

not a fan | Reviewer: leo | 5/3/07

Though I'm not her fan,I agree that this song is amazing and undoubtedly has meaningful lyrics.It's just beautiful.

Hy! I'm from Armenia,and I love Christina,she's a queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Vardan | 4/26/07

Her song is wondereful,but I can't understand, why the clip of this song so stupid???

i can relate | Reviewer: Tammie | 4/18/07

My brother died last sunday, and I can't listen to this song without thinking of him. Before it happened I didn't really understand the song. Then I listened to it a couple of days after he past away and I just broke-down crying. I relate to this song more than you or anyone could ever imagine, and I love it so. It's such a great and moving song. I'm sure I'm not the only one it has helped through a tradgic experience. Christina is such a talented singer. She is an insperation to so many, and exspecially to me.

ooh its very wonderful | Reviewer: khanhly | 4/4/07

Hi every body , im khanhly , im from vietnam . i just head this song today.oh its very very wonderful.i think this song desves Grammy

such a incredile voice and amazing song | Reviewer: sabrina | 2/13/07

lyrics,song, voice ,theme everything touch my heart. such a wonderfull song in this decade.. nice song ever..

Talent at its best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

I think that Christina Aguilera has unbelievable talent and she should keep doing what she is doing because shes doing it very well and im very proud of her

Spirit | Reviewer: Gabb | 2/12/07

Honestly, I hated what this girl used to call music, like Dirty and the other craps, but this song said all great about it already:) Christina showed us again, that she is a huge talent. Respect for that. Best wishes from Hungary!

Wonderful | Reviewer: EllyyForLukey..x | 2/10/07

Christina Aguilera is such an amazing singer. I love her voice and i wish i could sing as well as she does. My grandfather died five years ago and this song brings back so many memories. I love him to bits and I'm so grateful that Chistina brought back those memories. I believe that I am a sensitive person and songs like this, make me upset. I just want to say thank you Christina..You're an amazing singer..!

From Ellyy..x

P.S-The best thing in life that i believe in is...Never give up on your dreams and rights.

incredible | Reviewer: waad | 1/30/07

this song touchs me inside it moves my feelings and I keep listen to it over and over it's one of the best songs I've ever heard oh god it reminded me of tooooo many things
thankes christina for this incredible song

SUPERB!!!! | Reviewer: syafinaz | 1/28/07

What a really amazing song with a meaningful lyrics..Plus, Christina's voice is outstanding!No doubt that she is the greatest singer in the world!!!!!!!

beautiful | Reviewer: James | 12/21/06

Christina can really connect with people and she expresses things so powerfully especially with her outstanding voice. It is one of her best songs. I wish there were more people like her.