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The Reviews about Hurt (page 6/ 8)
------ performed by Christina Aguilera

hurt | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/24/07

OMG!!! Christina has the best voice eva. I think she'll always be famous. She has the most amazing body. What I would give to look and sing like her!

love it | Reviewer: Diasha | 7/17/07

i was juss readin the lyrics over && over i almost cried cuz i was listenin to the song at the same time it makes me think about my mom

it's really sad | Reviewer: areej | 7/13/07

every time i hear this song i cry because it is really painfull because it reminds of my dad

Beautiful voice | Reviewer: Kristen | 7/13/07

i am in awe of the notes that women can hit. Her voice is so beautiful and in this song...u couldn't get any better. u can really feel the it :)

i love Christina Aguilera | Reviewer: Anoymous | 7/7/07

I love that song its really sad but its awesome
i am going to her consert in 2 weeks yay

Awesome Song ever! | Reviewer: harry p. sylvia | 7/7/07

This song is very very touching my heart..... I cant stop crying when sing it.....I love ya Christina....I am ur biggest fans

Great | Reviewer: dennys villacres | 6/28/07

I already listened Aguilera´s song and i think it is great, the lyric is very emotional, and listen it over and over again.....

love allways | Reviewer: johny | 6/26/07

if u love some deeply in your life and u try to make the person happy ,but u do some mistake u will understand these words ........christina realy put her feelings in her voice ..... n try to make pepole that if u love dont ever HURT that person in your life

Goush | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/07

i also never liked Christina's music before....but this song is wow..

Thanks for this song.


Great Singer && Song | Reviewer: Taylor | 6/18/07

This song is one of her best songs ever! The albeam was a great one , I think one of her best! Just trying too say this is the best song!!! It should get lots of awards! Im from the U.S.A!

Brilliant | Reviewer: jesus_krist88 | 6/11/07

Sweet voice, hot bodie, nice & meaningful lyrics. I also like "the Voice within". Best song eva!!!

Incredibly Touching | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/4/07

This February, I went through the hardest time in my life, losing my grandfather who I was extremely close to. This song related to my life in so many ways, and it is just an incredible piece of music.

TOucHinG | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/25/07

she has out done herself. this song is sung in a very meaningful way

Greetings from Ecuador! | Reviewer: From Ecuador. | 5/26/07

I just heard this song. It is wonderfu! Christina is beautiful, talented, and an amazing singer/performer. And the best of all...she is part Ecuadorian! (like me!)

outstanding | Reviewer: TrOn | 5/24/07

x-tina you have once again outdone yourself. i love this song and the video even more so. Keep on being one of the most talented performers in this industry.Much luv. tron.

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