Reviews for Can't Hold Us Down -(featuring Lil' Kim) Lyrics

Performed by Christina Aguilera

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Clearing Up | Reviewer: Sesshi | 6/19/10

To charlotte2k7 and everybody else:
We don't pretend men and women are equal.Women and men ARE equal.But they are treated differently and double standards have been set by society.That's the *point*.Men and women are equal but many people fail to acknowledge this.You see my point?
-Fact:All human beings are equal.
-Truth:Double standards and sex discrimination exist.
That's why a song like this exists in the first place.To remind people of equality and stop discrimination and sexism.

Dev | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

What can I say, it's an amazing song and really powerful message. On the other hand it's really sad that this song is so true.

Can't hold us down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

Brilliant song, so powerful and OMG, it's been going around in my head for a week now, lol

Christina, you go Girl!

LISTEN TO US GIRLS! | Reviewer: charlotte2k7 | 8/26/07

you dumbass guys probably don't realise that this song has a very important message! all of u men who disrespect women are gonna pay...
i read the lyrics and it's a clever message with a sexy beat...i still don't understand why a man gets all the ladies, he's a 'playa pimp' and a woman gets all the men and she's a 'whore' or 'easy' it's annoying that we pretend that men and women are equal. this is a perfect example of how men are treated differently...

CAN'T HOLD US DOWN! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

this is so true, guys listen to lil kim and christina they know what they talkin bout you can't hold us down

about Can't Hold Us Down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/07

This song really makes me as a female feel as if me and all females don't need doggs to mistreat us. because a good female needs a good male not a player or a dogg so I really think ALL females and ALL males should hear this song to know where strong women stand

n1C3 s0Ng | Reviewer: J355 | 9/16/06

Hear dis song ya boys & see I dont give a F*ck 4 those stupid arrogant boys who mistreat we girls.

Listen up, everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/06

All women and men, boys and girls should listen and take heed of this song.

Can't Hold Us Down -(featuring Lil' Kim) | Reviewer: olivia | 8/27/05

this is a great song! women everywhere can listen to this and feel empowered!

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