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Performed by Christina Aguilera

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wow its amazing | Reviewer: shanikqua | 9/9/08

This song is an insperation to most people, people go through many things in life and its really nice to see so many people use this as their guidance to show their own personallitty.christina aguillera is one of the best artist that I adore her songs are so inperational best wishes in all dat yu do. God bleesss yu n yur family.

yah, this is it! | Reviewer: rach | 1/11/08

i'm gay too, and it always stresses me, not just this kinda issue. my hard life is bringing me down, i need someone to talk to but seems no one talking to me, except this song. it always cheers me up, thank you! composa

Made me cry | Reviewer: | 1/4/08

The first time I heard the lyrics my best friend and I just celebrated ringing in the new year for 2003. I cried as the words sank in. I'll never forget that moment.

One of the best songs ever. | Reviewer: Felipe | 12/3/07

This song is amazing. I know that many people that came already said that but I just had to do it too.
This song is very important to me and it kinda describe how my life is most of the time. I was that kid that bullies loved to make fun of. And I'm also gay. This song pretty much reflects the way I fell so I usually use it to cheer me up. This world is always going hard on everyone ad prejudice can destroy many things. But the song also reminds me that there are many people who love me and care about me.

amazing | Reviewer: Kenna | 11/25/07

i have loved this song since it came out when i was like 7. it is truly inspring. everytime someone makes fun of me or calls me something, i sing the lyrics in my head and whatever they said becomes nothing to me

Thank you! | Reviewer: Mimi | 11/17/07

For a song like that.. it just tells us all not to look down on our lives and stay at the same spot..

"I am beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down.."

I am beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

Your song really rocks, it jus encourage me to go on through hard situations, thank you Christina.


Definitely a great one | Reviewer: ST | 11/12/07

I really like this, and it's definitely one of her better songs. So simple, yet her voice is great. my blog:

blah!blah!blah! | Reviewer: patricia | 11/6/07

this song..hmm??let me jst say its an insprng song which made me go out of my shell,which made me a bttr person and a strong one..i'm bng down by my clsm8s lets col it a blly..hmm..i h8 it.i olwys cry.i feel stpd bout my self and i lost my wen i hrd this song..i ws spirit uplft.and now i rvnge..rvnging in a good wy..!=)thanks to da song..u made me rlze how much worth i hve in ths world

the most beautiful song | Reviewer: afa | 10/18/07

this song raises me up when I'm feelin down,,
it's written and sang beautifully,,
ma most fave song,,
Luv ya, Christina!

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