The Lord speaks to my heart through the song | Reviewer: Tatiana Podvoyskaya | 10/7/07

I love this song. I wish we had the russian version of this song. It's really beautiful and changes people's hearts.

I may only be 11..... | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/13/07

I may only be 11years old, but I honestly think this is one of the best, most true, kid friendly, Christian songs I have ever sang! We sang this song at Church and it was stuck in my head, so I typed "lyrics to take my life and let it be" into google. I found this sight. I LOVE this song!

AWESOME LYRICS!!! & upbeat is great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

I love what chris did to this song! I love going to church and praising the Lord! and this song is so great i just love it :D
God Bless

One of the greatest Christian rock songs... | Reviewer: Jason | 1/3/05

One can not listen to the lyrics of this song and not be inspired. Truly one of the greatest Christian rock songs that I've ever listened to.