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How Great Is Our God | Reviewer: Dennis Ringler | 6/7/10

I was touched in a major way while serving a 3 year sentence in the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville, Texas. This song was instrumental in my total surrender, and I am so glad to hear that 2 years after I first led the "men in white" in worship with this song, that Chaplain Hart still has it played regularly. I have been back on the outside for 3 years this month, and it is still this song that I sing when I am feeling lost or insecure. Thanks for a wonderful song from God through you Chris, and say a prayer for the "men in white" still lifting their hands as they totally worship our God with this song during their services!

Dennis R.
formerly #1254883

I've been blessed! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/10

Reading the above biography has blessed me beyond words. God bless you all .Puting God in the center of everything is what the whole world is missing. I, my self, have been running after different things latly. reading this biography has definitly reminded me of my walk with God and how I should focus my eyes on Him.

holy is the Lord | Reviewer: jane cuizon | 4/6/10

it's one of the songs that really touches my heart and the heart of my church as well (bongao alliance evangelical church,Philippines) i listen to your songs,I'm encourage to do more in the ministry particularly in music..continue to touch other peoples lives and may the AWESOME and POWERFUL GOD be with you always!we love you sir!

Nigeria feels you | Reviewer: Adeyeye Opeyemi | 3/16/10

Chris, the songs u sing are so touching and wonderful, i love 'made to worship' and 'cry holy' and 'indescribable', i ll like to know ur mail. I ll also like to ve ur cds. Where and how can i get them, i m from nigeria. God bles u.

Amazing grace | Reviewer: nicole | 11/12/09

i just wanted to let you know i love all of your music my favorite song is Amazing Grace it really speaks to me. thats ehy i love your music so well and you really need to have a concert near Phil Campbell have a great day i love you chris!!

I wil rise | Reviewer: | 9/18/09

I love this song not because of the music but because of the words. Words are very powerful. Just to glorify God in a song that lifts up his name is great. Keep allowing God to use you Chris Tomlin. Keep standing on God's word and what he say. Dont left the fame and glory get to you. Thank you.

how great is our god | Reviewer: richard alan ray | 5/28/09

dear mr.tomlin, god truly was the author of your song and i cry everytime i hear it played.i first heard the song while i was an inmate in huntsville texas in the CHAPEL OF HOPE there in the facility.chaplin larry hart has it played on a regular basis and i can honestly say it got me through some very hard times in my life and continues to do so.

my chains are gone | Reviewer: teresa | 12/8/08

I love the song amazing grace my chains are gone, do to the fact of all the situations my family and I have gone through.I lost a brother of leukemia, my sister was murdered, and lost my father of cancer. I felt like there was chains wrapped around my whole body and felt trapped,as if my whole life was crumbling down, since everything has happened in my family, we expected my brother and father of passing, but my sister was the most tragic that we have gone through, I kept having nightmares about the man trying to murder me, and it was like a tape recorder in my head going over and over (your sister was murdered your sister was murdered,) until I heard the song by chris tomlin amazing grace my chains are gone, i just kept listening to the song each and everyday, then finally (my chains are gone.) The song was so amazing to listen to and it gave me strength to hold on to God even stronger.and all the other songs that chris sings really helped me out by getting closer and closer to God.If it wasn't for God giving me the strength to hold on to him I wouldn't know where I'd be now, but I know where I am now, closer to God. So I pray for all the families that are going through terrible times even though that I don't know them, But God Knows Them, So I just wanted to let all the people know that God is WITH THEM NO MATTER WHAT.
and the songs that chris tomlin sings really up lifts my spirits. and I hope that a concert is scheduled in ohio in 2009,I will definately go.And this is for you Chris,God gave you a great voice to sing those amazing songs, and the band is great to. I hope to see you in concert if there's one scheduled in ohio. So God Bless to All.

Happy your on the radio | Reviewer: LEE | 11/29/08

I am in Las Vegas NV listening to 90.5FM SOS radionetwork and you're with John RIvers Blessing my socks off. I work at the front desk of a quiet non gaming hotel. Keep living for Jesus! You've got the Victory. If you get a chance visit our church in Las Vegas -

so many tragics | Reviewer: Teresa Fisher | 9/29/08

I know that alot of people have tragics in their families. And I pray for them even though that I don't know them but God knows them and he is with them in their hearts. I had lost a brother of leukemia, my sister was murdured and lost my father of cancer. Within a few years. But when I listen to chris tomlin's musci especially amazing grace my chains are gone, and Jesus Messiah, and also the other songs he sings, it just lifts me up to hear those songs and it keeps me in mind that God is with me and keeps me lifted up even though what My family has gone through. And I will continue to listen to all of the christain music especially chris tomlin's. I hope that he schedules a concert in Ohio I will definately go and see him. I just love to listen to his songs. So keep writing and singing those beautiful songs you and your band writes and sings. God Bless.

How Great is our GOD | Reviewer: rob | 9/3/08

Before I get to know the Lord, I'm hooked up with my vices such as drugs, alcohol, cigar and a circle of friends that are criminals. I do not go to church most of the time even for the fact that my parents are Christians. Going to Church is none of my business. Until I got married with a Christian, of which I earnestly ask GOD for even if I really don't have the faith. My partner always invites me to Church, and I am very unresponsive. In fact there was a time in my life that I don't believed in GOD anymore. Until one Sunday out the blue moon I just find my self in. During worship and after the preachers sermon your song "How great is our GOD" is being played. The lyrics of the song got stack in my heart. I just cried and I don't know why. Maybe GOD is touching my innermost being and I can't take it out in my heart and mind, it really touches me. For know I keep playing, keep listening to the music. Believe me or not it's the only song I keep hearing 24 hours every day. I really get so blessed. Keep it up your touching lives. Continue to serve the Lord until the day of his coming. Seeyah!

You Are one of His Indescribable Creation! | Reviewer: Jozon Siroy | 3/25/08

I'm so blessed to your songs Sir! Truly you are one of His INDESCRIBABLE CREATION,very awesome and talented. I'm from the Philippines and we always struch by your songs with God's presence. I hope you will visit us here. Aside from being one of the famous artist in Christian world but I know you always humble yourself and declares that there is only one who is FAMOUS and you declare it from one of your songs. May God bless you more in promoting the goodness of God through your songs. One of the little tiny creation in the Philippines - Jozon.

God is at Work | Reviewer: emme | 12/25/07

This past year was a Tough one for me! Having now lost both my parents and having no siblings, I was reminded that although I am an only child of my parents but I am a child of God.

Chris Tomlin's music is truly to blessing for someone like me. Listening to the songs and as I read thru my bible it really makes God's word rise up in the air and into my heart. God's word surrounds me and comforts me (like the hug from both parents when I was a kid).

Keep up the Good work Chris Tomlin because God is at Work through your songs!

God Is Great!!! | Reviewer: Dee Dee | 10/11/07

When I hear one of your songs on the cd's or on the radio, I feel so welcomed in by Christians. I am so happy that your songs are all about God and I am guessing that they are about what God is going to in everyone's lives and have done in people's lives. God Is Great!!!

The Morning Glory | Reviewer: Leonila | 8/20/07

I just wanted to know when you're going to have a concert in las vegas? When I hear you sing the Amazing Grace song. It humbles my heart. And i just wanted you to know that you are an amazing singer. I love you Chris Tomlin

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