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Student Life | Reviewer: Yuritzi | 7/26/07

I love this band yall are amazing no other Christian band or artist got me to love christian music like yall i came to student life @ the beach (mrtyle Beach)Now i love God so much and i want everybody to know about him i hope yall can come to alabama Albertville. I also pray that yall will be blessed with a great career God bless you & your band I hope and pray yall can be at the student life tour Love yall....And holy is the lord God almighty!!!!!

I'm Not QuiteSure | Reviewer: Hannah M. | 6/25/07

I've Known Chris Tomlin Cause I Know All About Him My Mom Got His CD Arriving Album And Its On My CD
Case I've Listened To His Music In It I Love His CD
Arrving I Loved "Unfailing Love" It Was Great I Really Wanted To Go His Concert Chris Tomlis And The
Casting Crowns Are Nicest People They Are Nicest
Person Chris Tomlin Is Nice He Has Nice Voise And The Casting Crowns Have nice Voice My Mom Got His CD
To They Are Nicest People I Loved Tghem Last Time The Teenagers My Parents And I Went To His Concert
They Are So Great And I Liked Music I Love Their
Music. Thhey Are The People I Know. I Love The
Casting Crowns "Who Am I" Its Emtional Song I
Would Love To Go Back to His Concert And Be
Wild And Being Myself.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Kay Long | 6/10/07

I read about Chris in our hometown newspaper,The Canton Herald a couple of weeks ago when he was going home to Grand Saline for a concert. After reading about his music and his version of Amazing Grace being on the sound track of the movie I started checking on him.After hearing him on the Dove Awards I am a forever fan.He is so......good.I will be at the music store tomorrow to buy whatever they have.

Congratulations! | Reviewer: Teresa J. White | 4/26/07

Congratulations on the dove awards; your praise songs always bless me and I am looking forward to your next CD release. I have noticed that you are in Myrtle Beach in June. Can tickets be purchased for a concert or is this a weekend event for youth?


worship | Reviewer: JIM MOBLEY | 4/17/07


Awsome Artist | Reviewer: Sarah | 3/22/07

Chris Tomlin your one of the most amasing worship atist I've ever seen. Evey time I hear one of your worship songs I just begin to worship God. Its so amasing.

How Great is this man? | Reviewer: Nichole | 3/6/07

Chris Tomlin is a one and only kind of guy. You dont even have to be a Christian to know that. I recently went to see him and Kirk Franklin at a Tampa Fest put on by Louis Palou. Chris got everyone from young and old to big and small to Praise God with all there hearts. In the middle of the performance he stopped and told the crowd, "Im not singing to you and your not singing to me so start praising God!" it was amazing! The way he sings "How Great Is Our God" and the words that are in the song are just amazing. I love this guy and his heart for the Lord.

Indescribable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

I'm a teenager that was introduced to Chris Tomlin about a year ago and this year i had the amazing opportunity to see him in concert. I got the tickets as a Christmas gift and i was screaming my head off. i was so excited, i couldn't wait. It was without a doubt the best concert of my life. He has such a great way of presenting Gods love for us with songs that really make your heart reach out. Thank you so much and may God bless you!!!

The Holy spirit runs through Me!! | Reviewer: Ruby (WA) | 2/13/07

Chris I wanted to congradulate you on your music it has been a blessing to my life. A song that realy cought my attention was "How Great Is Our God" When I sing it I can feel the Holy Spirit run through me & it gives me the chills!LOL! As a worship backup singer I sing a lot of songs but this one is onre of the best. May God Bless you always!

Chris Tomlin, a person you can look up to. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/07

It is always interesting to find or see someone who is in the spot light that is a Christian, but is hard to find or see an individual so dedicated to Christ that you know this person is commited completly; and no matter what fame or attention he or she gets, they will not waver. This is what we can see in Chris Tomlin and his band members. This is in no way to bring an offering of praise to Chris and the band, but it is hard to not say, "it is about time someone is sold out, not to concert halls, but to Our God." Thank you Chris Tomlin annd the band for being so willing to submit and dedicate yourselves to the Lord. You are truely Seeking the Kingdom Of God.

Anointed Worship Music: Prophetic | Reviewer: Pat (California) | 1/2/07

I was not familiar with Chris's music. The church that I was attending the worship leaders would lead out in a variety of his songs and I have grown very fond of his music that the Lord Jesus Christ has given him. I am grateful to have been exposed to a different type of worship music. God Bless Chris and his band. I promise to pray for you guys. May God continue to bless your endeavors for His Kingdom.

See The Morning | Reviewer: wendy | 11/10/06

I think this is Chris's best to date....."Glory in the Highest" is such a powerful song you can't help but praise God when you hear it.
Saw Chris is concert earlier this year in Saginaw, MI and it was without a doubt the best concert I have ever been to and that includes Michael W. Smith who is also an awesome man of God......:)
It is such a blessing to be able to listen to such wonderful worship music and we can all enjoy the gift that God has given to Chris...God Bless You Chris and thank you.

A Heart of Worship | Reviewer: Serena Elledge | 10/18/06

I have never heard of Chris Tomlin, until last year. Me, my parents, and a few friends went to see him, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Casting Crowns. Before we left for the concert, my Dad who will be 50 years old this year, was saying that he was too old to go to concerts. I told him that you are never too old to attend a concert! LOL! All of the singers were good, but when Chris took the stage, the anointing just overflowed in the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana, on April 21st, 2005! That was the best concert that I've ever been to. And, my Dad said that he was glad he came to the concert, and he wants to see Chris again, soon!! Chris is such an amazing person. He truly has the heart of worship!! His music is so powerful! Not only is he very good lookin', but he has a passion to reach out to people. That's just a few of the many things that I love about Chris Tomlin.

Creation West Performance | Reviewer: Jeneane | 8/1/06

WOW, We just saw Chris and his band perform at Creation West outside of Seattle, WA. While performing "How Great Is Our God" he fell to his knees in prayer. What a blessing it is to see a mega-talented, attractive guy who loves the Lord with all his heart!

to God be the glory! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/06

Chris Tomlin is an absolutely amazing singer and writer! As Passion, Charlie Hall, Louie and David Crowder and him did an amazing concert here in Toronto. I wish to let them know that I was one of the 5, 000 students in the audience and it was sooo amazing. You'll never know how much that meeting impacted us. A guy in my prayer group hadn't even accepted Christ, didn't believe in God but he prayed and sang his heart out because he said for the first time, he felt God. So, continue doing what you do, and God bless. - Rev. 2:10

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