The BEST song ever!!! | Reviewer: Victoria | 12/12/10

I saw Chris Tomlin perform this song at his Christmas Tour this past weekend and let me say WOW the show was awesome! I loved it when the whole crowd sang along with Chris, it was so *magical* to hear everyone sing along!!!

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the "First and the Last, the Beginning and the End" Rev. 22:13

*NONE like you*

our god is greater | Reviewer: robert | 11/13/10

He's my God, if he's your God too, that makes him "Our God" and he is greater than anything anywhere at anytime! in Dan.3:17 the 3 hebrew boys told king nebuchadnezzar "our God is able to deliver us" the were not shy about calling him "our" God and yes it was in comparison to the kings god. people need to know there is a difference between a man made god and the one true living God. Our God is greater, he is real.

What about the Lord's prayer, Michael? | Reviewer: Carelita | 11/4/10

Luke 11:2, Jesus teaching us how to pray, He says: "OUR Father... Did He mean by that that we should make clear that we are not to pray to any other god as if He was acknowledging that there are others? NO. So, there should not be a problem in saying the word "OUR" when referring to God.

Now, let's be clear too... | Reviewer: Carelita | 11/4/10

Chris Tomlin's songs minister to many lives, He is one of very few true worshipers out there. But he's songs are not the voice of God. The voice of God is the Bible. Now, he's songs do come from he's heart rendered to God (at least that's what I feel, because only God knows everyone's heart). We have to be careful, because we could be exalting and giving someone the glory that only belongs to God Almighty. I do wish to meet Jesus face to face. No one else.

this song is my constant reminder | Reviewer: Linda | 11/2/10

It is so absurd how people misinterpret things. This song is my personal reminder of how greater, stronger and how powerful God is and even higher than anything that we could ever think of. Of course there are other smaller gods who are nothing comparable to Almighty God. These other gods could be anything that we pledge allegiance to in that we obey their commands rather than the commands of our Great God. Some people's gods are their money, television, lust, etc, but above all these gods is One who is higher, greater, stronger and above all powerful. God is more than any other thing that has taken prominence in our lives. Once again God is greater, higher, stronger and above all powerful than the problems and challenges that stare us in the face everyday. Minister Chris Tomlin, you are indeed a voice from the very throne and presence of God ministering Grace to every hearer. I wish I could have the opportunity to meet you face to face. The words of all your songs evidently speaks of your time spent in communion with God. God bless you and continue to use you as His voice of Truth. I appreciate you. To all those who love to criticize, please choose to be blessed through other people's ministry. It's all about God's Kingdom been expanded through any Godly avenue possible and that's exactly what Chris is doing through music. God's Peace to you all!!!

Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. | Reviewer: MGS | 10/24/10

Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator. Of course He is greater than any other god. If you believe there are no other gods you are deluding yourselves. Some of them are called lust, power, mammon and any other gods that live in trees or statues or rocks. Satan is a popular one also. None of these are The Creator but they are worshiped and therefore just as much gods, even though not God! In fact He talks of other gods in His Word.

it's the word "OUR' that is the problem | Reviewer: Michael | 10/21/10

I see where Mike is coming from as well as the rest of you. It's the use of the word "our". Chris' new album is even called "If OUR God is for us". I too have a hard time hearing someone say "our" God. If you take the word "our" out of it, it's fine. To hear someone say "our God is Greater" DOES indeed sound like a comparison. If we believe in the Living God of the Holy Bible, then we know there are no other Gods. So the need for "OUR" is pointless. My 8 year old asked "Greater than there another God?" Then my 10 year old said "when we do the blessing, are we suppose to be saying 'our God is great, our God is good, let us thank Him for our food?" :)

But to say it is not very Christian is a misstatement.

THIS gOES TO MIKE!! | Reviewer: Andre | 9/26/10

Hey what you mean this song he is comparing?? He is saying that there is no one that is greater and stronger then are God Because other people that are not believers thinks that there are other Gods and people that worship other things to so like this song was made just not for us Christians it was made for all man Kind and telling them that there is only one God and no one is Greater nor stronger then are God well this is coming from a 17 year old hope am helping you out God bless (:

RE: Why? | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/25/10

This is not a song about comparing God to anyone or anything. It is about reminding ourselves that God is bigger and better than anything we want on this earth. We are constantly wanting a new shiny car or a big screen tv or fame or money. Whatever it may be God is always better. We let so many other things consume our lives that we forget that God is there and there is nothing better than His love. There are plenty other gods out there and this song is definitely not comparing God to them. It is saying that He IS greater. There is NONE like Him.

to mike/really incredible song | Reviewer: Nessie | 9/24/10

It's weird that you brought that up. I never looked at it like that. I saw it more as God is greater than anything that I try to put before Him, and Stronger than anything I try to use as comfort... But when you do look at it from your view I can see how it doesn't sound good!

Any way amaziing/incredible song!! Props to Chris Tomlin for putting out this song to lead more people to Christ!

Because it's honest in it's way | Reviewer: Mario | 9/23/10

Because this song tell something from the heart for God. God doesn't look about the lyric of song I think. God seek for heart that want to praise Him purely. We can say it as hidden meaning behind this songs.

Answer to 'Why?" | Reviewer: Cayne | 9/23/10

This song is very Christian. I just think you may have taken what Chris Tomlin (Who, in my honest opinion, is one of the best worship leaders today) is saying here the wrong way. The meaning of this song is that no matter what we go through in life - struggles, failures, spiritual warfare, etc - our God is greater and stronger than any of the storms that we can and will face during our short time on Earth. And if our God is for us, who can stand against us? Simply means with God on our side, Satan doesn't stand a chance against the children of the Most High. Check it out :) Romans 8:31

Why? | Reviewer: Mike | 9/20/10

Why are you comparing God to anything? Stronger? than what? God is all powerful and unique. He cannot be compared. So, stronger than any other? Any other what? another God? Not a very Christian song if you think about the lyrics. We should not need to compare him to anything.

Review about OUR GOD | Reviewer: Andrew Meehan | 9/19/10

I want to thank Chris Tomlin for his amazing songs. I am going through some difficult times believing that God left us. I am very unhappy in my personal lifeand my relationship with my family is non-existent. I simply wanted ab phone call from my brotherand sisters who seem to be always too busy with their lives to say hello. I don't think its asking a whole lot. Sometimes I feel that the family is racist.

I love this song | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/13/10

I love this song. It made me feal closer to God then I have ever felt in my life. Chris tomlin us an amazing artist and this is a wonderful song of praise to the Almighty. God has been stronger and greater and is my healer. Jesus give me strength in every thing. God bless you and your famliys I pray you will come to know Christ my wonderful forgiving Savior.