Change"Our God" to make the song all worship | Reviewer: Emanuel | 9/1/14

The song is a great worship song-a song sung to God about His worth. However when the lyrics changed to "Our God" it became a testimony about God instead of singing to God about His strength, greatness, position, etc. The song and tune is fantastic but the lyrics mix does injustice to the worship. We sing it anyway.

So beautiful | Reviewer: Mardy | 10/17/13

During worship @ church a year ago,I had my one.yr.old hip. He.raised his hands and sang "God, God, God." Yes,.it.was cute,.but I could tell he.was actually worshipping too. Now. Today, we sit in a childrens hospital as he.was diagnosed with large cell anaplastic medullablastoma brain.cancer. I am.thankful I can.sing this.powerful song.over him.tonight as he starts Chemo..

Out of the Ashes We Rise... | Reviewer: Debbie | 3/6/12

Among the ancient Hebrews and other eastern peoples, to sprinkle with or sit in ashes was a mark or token of grief, humiliation, or penitence. Ashes on the head was one of the ordinary signs of mourning for the dead, and of national humiliation, The afflicted or penitent often sat in ashes or even wallowed in them. (hence, out of the ashes we joy.)

To all who mourn in Israel, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for His own glory.

Isaiah 61:3

Out of the ashes we will rise | Reviewer: Bob | 2/7/12

I adore the meaning of this song it helps us bring in the New Age of world peace and religion. The Phoenix bird is born again as it "rises from its ashes" in triumph. The rising of the phoenix bird symbolizes the King of Tyre (Phoenicians) and now the New Age Divine Cosmic Plan. Out of the ashes we will rise and begin anew, Earths' inhabitants united in the new Cosmic Consciousness. Chris Tomlin is to be honored for helping mainstream Christians embrace this important extra-biblical truth.

Our God | Reviewer: justino | 11/17/11

Psalms:96:5 For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.Is the Bible comparing God to other gods here. of course not.
but people (nations) have their own "gods". the virgin Mary, The sun god, India has many "gods". All the gods worshipped by the people of other lands are mere "idols."
but we know better then that, there are no other gods, than the God of the Bible. the only true GOD. we can say Our God because we are his Children, he is our Father, He is our Savior. we can say OUR GOD because of his grace. once we were his enemies, separated from Him but now we are his, his people. this is nothing to do with pride. what can we boast about. we are saved by grace. God bless.

@ Michael | Reviewer: Dan | 8/23/11

Go read 2 Chronicles 2:5. Or Psalm 135:5. Or 1 John 4:4. And Romans 8:31. Tomlin isn't just making this up. The song is almost pure scripture. Which is what makes it all the more powerful a worship song; it's not one man's reflection, but the very words of the Bible put to music.

Must religion be adversarial? | Reviewer: Michael | 8/18/11

This tune is perhaps the most disrespectful and juvenile expression of religious pride and disdain for non-Christians I've heard in my lifetime. It also (incredibly IMO) seems to acknowledge the existence of other divine (though of course inferior) beings with its comparative language, an unprecedented departure from the "one God" declaration that is at the heart of conventional Christian dogma. I was stunned to learn that it has been accepted and sung in services with gusto in spite of its message of self-satisfied intolerance.

@Mike.. A Biblical "Greater" | Reviewer: Christina | 7/7/11

Mike, the "greater" in this song does not signify any other divine being, that is simply absurd. To me, it means He is greater than any of the troubles I face, and He can conquer anything in the world! The KJV says in I John 4:4 "...Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." [Check out John 10:29 and I John 3:20, KJV]

And Micheal, you should explain to your kids that "our" is a form of unity-- fellowship with the others who share this wonderful God. It's like the kids proudly stating "Our Daddy".. a sense of belonging. Of course they have no other dad! :) Even the Lord's prayer begins with "Our Father"

Hope this helps~!

Awesome | Reviewer: Brook | 6/23/11

Our pastor sang this in church and everyone started singing even though none knew the words. It was very moving. Keep it up Chris Tomlin! OUR GOD IS GREATER, OUR GOD IS STRONGER, HE IS HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER, OUT GOD IS HEALER, AWESOME IN POWER, OUR GOD.

This is WORSHIP | Reviewer: Michael | 6/14/11

Amazing song.
Beautiful song to worship to I just feel so secure that nothing will ever be able to separate me from God for he is stronger than any other.
For any worship leaders that are reading this it is a great song to do an very easy. E,C,G,D all the way through.
And guys Romans 8:38-39
God Bless

Awsome song | Reviewer: Emmanuel William Baro | 4/11/11

I am blessed whenever i sing this song.We are serving a God who is greater than ano other. Amen. Praise God for Chris Tomlin, he is a vessle God is using to touch many lives around the world. God i pray that you will continue inspire him (C-tomlin) to write the songs of the season to bless the body of Christ.

"Why" indeed... | Reviewer: Bruce S. | 2/10/11

Mike's "Why..." question misses the point.

Of course God is THE ONLY God and Jesus Christ is THE ONLY Savior. HOWEVER - saying that Jesus is THE Savior (an unchangeable fact) is not the same as saying that He is MY Savior (which is up to ME!!).

Not only that, the last time I checked in Scripture, it speaks of the god (little "g") of this world. MY God is ABSOLUTELY greater, stronger, wiser than the little "g" god. God HIMSELF establishes that truth in His own WORD.

We should be careful not to criticize someone's expression of worship to the Only True God. Honestly, we would ALL be better off if we gave God such a place in our lives as to make Him PERSONALLY OURS!!!


No gods? | Reviewer: Pastor David | 2/6/11

Hey folks! If you don't think there is a place for the "our" in this song, just think of what it's like to live in a place like North Korea, dominated by Kim Jong IL, who DEMANDS that his family be worshiped as gods. The old Emperor worship is back with a vengeance, and perhaps one day North Korean Christians will be able to sing this song loudly-- AND DEFIANTLY!

Amazing!! | Reviewer: Becka | 1/29/11

This song is amazing. I am in a band at church where we sing songs off of K-Love(94.1 f.m channel) and the first time we sang that song in church, I loved it immediately. Chris tomlin is one of the best contemporary Christian singers!!

God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

God is almighty and amazing he is the father of all ! None can compare to his Greatness ! Thank You jesus , for using ur vessel (chris tomlin) to sing such a beautiful song , a song that ministered to me and my family when we were in need of words ! Lord u truly are amazing ! Blessed be the name of the lord , and God bless you all , may the lord bring peace and prosperity to you all :) God bless