Incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/14

We sang this in Church last Sunday and as usual it brings joyful tears to me and I expect others. The Songwriter,Laura Story and the recording Artist Chris Tomlin are gifted people inspired and perhaps channeled by our Awesome God to bring forth such beauty. They would likely give the credit and Glory to God.

Creations revealing the majesty of God | Reviewer: Grace M Azoom | 8/2/14

This is an incredible song you have sang. No man has sang this before, as our souls are standing up in worship, so God almighty is standing up for fragrance of this worship. This is healing nations. We love and we want to connect with you. Mwuah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

He is Indescribable,incomparable,unchaingeable. | Reviewer: Sepo Mwangala | 3/13/14

I love this song a lot.It melts my heart & leaves me worshiping God.Chris Tomlin,i imagine how unfathomable you ended up finding God when you kept imagining God.He is indescribable,no man can fully comprehend him.

Songwriter Credit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/14

I love this song and I love Chris Tomlin's recording of this magnificent praise song. With that said, credit needs to be given to the person God inspired to create and bring this work to life. Laura Story is the songwriter and she is a powerful worship leader, songwriter and upcoming Christian performing artist. I would like to see credit given to her on this lyrics page instead of solely to the individual known for recording the song. In providing the lyrics on this website, all songs should give credit to the songwriter(s) and then the known recording artist(s). Otherwise, anyone reading the title makes the assumption the recording artist is the one who created the song. Please give all credit where credit is due! Thank you Laura Story for letting God move you to write a song that moves us all!

Really indescribable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/13

This is a very powerful song.. The every word touches me a lot and yes it has made me know the works of God even more. Really my God is an indescribable God. A single word can never explain my God.

i love god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/13

indiscribable is a really nice song and i like it but u just made a small mistake whaith is ok its good to know that u can find such lyrics on internet and that christians or gospel songs are not being ignored

God is good....... | Reviewer: Brianna | 11/2/13

Indescribable is my fav. song and Chris Tomlin is the best singer. I really wish he could come to Ludington, Michigan because I really want to meet him.
and if he does come I want him to sing Indescribable because I love that song, and I love Chris tomlin's music when he sings it. I also like "white flag" and "lay me down" and " god's great dance floor".


amazing god | Reviewer: gods child | 9/12/13

I just wanna thank the lord for everything he did for me god is a amazing god i love him so much because even if we turn our back on him he will alawys love us the same god bless chris and kierra

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: RANIQUE | 5/24/13

truely God is an amazing God there is no word in human vocabulary to really describe the awesomeness of our God..... His wonders to proclaim never in a lifetime can we exhaust them.... seeing nature itself and the difference among us show how awesome, loving, lovely, beautiful and terrible our GOD is....... Lord you are WORTHY.... GOD bless you kierra

lyrics need more info | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/13

it needs to explain the rhyme pattern,stanza,meter,repetition,mood,tone,voice,and theme. The internet will not say ANY OF IT. ANY OF IT. I am sick of looking for 40 minutes to look up the rhyme pattern put it on NOW. read this article. does anyone else agree?

The God we glimpse, we can't exhuast wt he is! | Reviewer: Pious Mumbere | 3/25/13

Am nt only mvd by wt the song brings to ma mind bt as wel drawn 2 cool dwn and knw am jst bt a loved creature ! God lies every thng wnderful 2 make me comfortably relaxed, hw i feel Hz creativity more so on the creational sabbath, wn i can have all time 2 c wt Tomlin describes in the song. I DON'T IN ANY WAY WORSHIP TOMLIN BT WORSHIP GOD 4 CREATING PEOPLE LIKE TOMLIN WHO MAKE US FEEL MORE OF HZ POWER,GOD bless Tomlin

My all time favourite :) | Reviewer: CisaLii Starz | 3/22/13

Yess our God is tRuely inDescribabLe indeeD!!
I tunE to this Song whenever am lonely, depressed, Bored, Sad n when am happy too :):):):)
God Bless u abundantLy @Chris :) U rock \m/

Matchless Saviour | Reviewer: IMotley | 3/11/13

What can you say about this song, other than Jesus I desire more of you !! Meanings like this can only be given by the Holy Spirit. If you're not a born again Christian and still refuses God's love, after listening to this song, you will never be able to fill that void with anything else...Awesome Worship Song !!!!

Indescibable | Reviewer: Peewie | 2/9/13

I love this song wth all my heart. Chris thank you for ths song,,, God is trully amaizing and unchangeable,, he sees the depths of our hearts and still loves us,, Thank you God for your love.

amazing God | Reviewer: Taffy Mwanza | 1/9/13

Many songs I'd sing_but this one just instantly takes me into an atmosphere of worship!! When by I close my eyes and it a me and God moment there
_its clear God is amazing, had it not been for me, I wouldn't be here this evening.