To simply put it, indescribable. | Reviewer: Hannah C. | 11/19/07

I love this song. I lead the youth praise and worship band in our church and they told me we'll be singing this next. I have no idea what this song is so I borrowed a friend's CD and listened to it. I just love how the song writer tried his best to describe just how awesome God is, but after doing his best, he realized that words aren't enough to describe His greatness.

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Brenda | 11/17/07

i absolutely love this song it will never get old and i just love it. Chris Tomlin has an amazing gift and i believe he is using the right way. love the line" awestruck we fall at your feet as we humbly proclaim"

Some songs just stick | Reviewer: Mireille | 11/7/07

I heard this song and it stuck. The words were there in my mind and heart and I wanted to hear them again. I recognised the theme of Job 38 the most majestic passage in the Old Testament. The living God is indescribable and this song helps us express praise to Him so well.

What a powerful song | Reviewer: Mary Collin | 10/27/07

I just love this song. I am having at my wedding in January next year. It is going to be on the overhead with visual pictures while we are siging the register.

indescribable | Reviewer: LoraDora | 10/26/07

i was at a youth meeting when i heard this song for the first time. it was watching the movie indescribable. it gave me goosebumps just listening to it. absolutely amazing.

Tears to my eyes | Reviewer: Angel | 10/25/07

I went to a youth meeting when i first heard this song. It was simply amazing, to hear fifteen and sixteen year olds all over my suburb singing this from the bottom of their hearts, and meaning it truly. When we sung the last line, we just stood there, awestruck by the beauty of God and the music... nobody wanted to say anything, to interrupt the feeling. Every time i hear this song now i feel like crying out of pure joy that God loves me, even though he is so amazing!

how amazing is your god | Reviewer: jaleela | 10/25/07

In my bible class, we are doing a project on the attributes on God, and this song came to mind, i love this song.

He is indescribable | Reviewer: Ross | 10/24/07

I love this song, it just shows how much God loves us and how he let his only son to die on the cross for all of us so we would be forgiven and how he gave us this earth, this beautiful earth so we would look after it with all its magnificent creatures and splendours and only christians can understand this in the heart, so preech to your freinds who are not christians, try to get them to become christians, save them so they will someday go to heaven and God tells us this in the bible, God has somthing in store for all of us so dont be afraid to say to other people i am a christian infact tell them about it and tell them how great it is and how great God is and how they should become christians too!

Indescribable!!! | Reviewer: Kenneth | 10/23/07

This is such an AWESOME song and this song always reminds me of my mistakes and helps me seek God in each and everything that I do!!! I love this song and God Bless You!!! Awestruck WE fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim YOU ARE AMAZING GOD!!! I am playing the guitar and it has been three months since I started and I am definitely going to learn that song so that I can play it for my church!!! God is so Awesome, Loving, Merciful,and Indescribable!!! Praise The Lord and God Bless All Of You!!! Let's praiseGod forever and ever!!!

Amazing!!!! | Reviewer: Kathryn | 10/17/07

I was blown away by the Lyrics. It brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it. It really sums up how wonderful or god is. Should be Number 1 in the charts.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Brandon | 10/17/07

This song is amazing. The first time I heard this song, my fiance and I were in the car and we fell in love with it. Probably my all time favorite. Praise God.

Love it! | Reviewer: Sicky | 9/28/07

everytime i listen to this song i thank god for all he has done and given me to be so lucky!!!! i always feel the holy spirit through me in this some!!!!!

aww | Reviewer: carol | 9/19/07

i cry every time and do you really fall to your knees ? cause i know i do everytime i sing this song!! PRAISE GOD! and remeber SEPTEMBER 26 MEET ME AT THE POLE!

Indescribable! | Reviewer: Trish Alessio | 9/13/07

This is a true worship song, that has Universal appeal! It is being sung all around the world. The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God! Praise the Lord! Keep on worshiping Him and seeking His Face! Thank you!
God bless you!

Awsome!! | Reviewer: Leonard | 9/13/07

It's true, God is so incomprable, so great that he knows everything. He is so amazing, so powerful. I'm trully blessed by this song and hope you people out there too. Im sure you will be blessed and greatful that God loves you and us..