Praise be to GOD | Reviewer: Meghan | 11/2/08

Praise be to God for blessing you with the ability to have performed this accurate song. I pray that the lyrics will provoke all to ponder Christ's power, majesty and grace that he has given us, patiently waiting for everybody to receive and embrace it. This song is a taste of all that we have to be thankful for, for God so loved the world that not only did he bless us with this beautiful earth to enjoy until eternity, but he also sent his one and only Son to die in our place so that we can have a garunteed second chance even though none of us deserve it...and again I say praise be to God!!! :) :) :)

LovULord | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

to everyone who are having arguments because of this song....i just want to say that let s not forget the purpose of this is to praise and worship the Lord with all our heart and souls...he is the living God who died a horrible death for us on the guys praise the Lord from the depth of your soul because he is truly great and marvelous and loves you more than you can ever know...i ve seen His greatness, kindness and faithfulness and it is truly marvelous

wat a bloww!!!! =p | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/08

hey this is the best song eva i love it it is one of my favourite songs everyone should listen to it and they should go to church because that is where it is most played i love u gd and the song =p =D

So True! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 9/28/08

This song speaks volumes to anyone. God is so truly indescribable, incontainable, all powerful, untamable, incomparable, and unchangable!! I love this song! If I could only have one song to sing, I think this one would be it!!

Love it | Reviewer: Chelsea Maxwell | 9/24/08

I love the song and I think that everyone should.
it really explains how awesome God is. Everyone that says that this song has gone to far has affended me and lots of other people too I bet.
I am 11 and my Primary school, Mararra Christian College is doing their thanksgiving service on that song. YOU ROCK CHRIS TOMLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a 14 yr old had jus been blessed | Reviewer: Ginger | 9/13/08

As a singer i think this song was cool and i also want to thank the song writer for this lovely song and message. i recived the cd today n took it home placest it on my pc n saw it as i was siging on to msn i have been truly blessed....:)

Simply Indescribable | Reviewer: Q | 9/5/08

"Indiscribable" as in far beyond our pathetic human minds to fully grasp the scope of his devine nature. "Untameable" as in powerful and majestic for all of you who disagree with lyrics. Also, truth can be seen in Beauty - such as a song, poem, or drawing that comes from the heart - and Sacred tradition as well as holy scripture.

Fan of this song | Reviewer: Carry Kendal | 9/3/08

Dennis Clough, Chris Tomlin is trying to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Many of us are inspired by that song. I can see where you are coming from, but I don't think what Chris Tomlin meant it like that.

Song goes too far | Reviewer: Felecia | 8/29/08

I read over many of the reviews on this song and was taken aback by one... "song goes too far" and the statement "only SCRIPTURE is inspired of God and only scripture should be used to describe our God." It is amazing to me how many Christians limit their relationship with God to think that outside of logos (the Holy Spirit inspired written Word of God) there is no other Holy Spirit inspiration or rhema. Now, the rhema should never contradict the Word of God and if it does, then maybe it is not truly Holy Spirit inspired... but if God through His Spirit did not inspire in other ways like songs, then why were the Davidic Psalms (songs) included in the Bible as God-inspired? You can agree with me or not, but I think the writer of that comment is living in such a self-imposed box to think that God, who created us in His image would not also allow us to use our creativity through Holy Spirit inspiration to glorify Him.

BEAUTIFUL | Reviewer: lily | 8/27/08

Ohh god as that song said you are an AMAZING GOD Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God

seasons may change winter to srping but I will love you until the end of time I LOVE YOU GOD

True author of the song | Reviewer: Barbara | 8/19/08

Just to clarify for everyone, this song was not written by Chris Tomlin. It was written by Laura Story, a tremendously talented song writer and musician. Chris Tomlin changed some of Laura's original words and made this song popular. If you have an opportunity, listen to Laura's original version - and her other songs too. She is great!

hehehe | Reviewer: kate_jhanry | 8/19/08

whooooaaaaa!!!! i love the song!!!1 it is very inspiring u know...uhm but anyway, Chris TOmlin is also Good iiiiin singing the song...i really love will be my favorite song...i love God...

reply to Timothy | Reviewer: Dennis Clough | 8/3/08

No one is allowed to use licence, even "poetic" if it contradicts Scripture. Scripture is written by the Holy Spirit. God, that is.. as in providing a true revelation of Him and His character. Using your example, suppose a child insisted on favorably comparing his crude drawings with the work of Rembrant ... and then everyone agreeing with him because they didn't want to offend the dear child?

People so enamored of the questionable lyrics of this well-intentioned song should look at the descriptions of God in the Bible before they agree that He is "untameable" and unknowable. And perhaps you should check your own language use when (ironicaly) defending "Christian" music?

dennis clough | Reviewer: timothy | 5/23/08

dennis clough

it seems you don't have the capacity for poetic license. for nearly 10,000 years of human history, our poets have tried to take their most sacred thoughts and feelings and put them down in word form... most of them have always felt that "words are not enough" to describe feelings of love or adoration. sometimes even very simple thoughts like caring for a loved one, or a beautiful sunset have left even the best of them "speechless". this song is simply stating the feeling a poet like chris tomlin feels when he tries to descibe God. its a friggin song bro... lighten up. it's an artistic expression.

when a child paints a watercolor painting of a happy house do you criticize the "realism" of the work? do you apply 2d dimensional criteria to a toddlers fingerpainting of a dog?

tomlin is very much like a child expressing his emotions through a medium... and he does a great job of it...


Song Goes Too Far | Reviewer: Dennis Clough | 5/21/08

Is God really "indescribable"? Doesn't the Holy Spirit describe Him in His book? Is the Holy Spirit inadequate for the task? Has He failed to give us a complete revelation of the character of our God? Or are His breath taking-writings concerning the majesty of God ignored in favor of zealous worship with out knowledge?

And is God really "untamable"? Sounds more like a wild animal or the demon possessed man that Christ healed than the Ancient of Days with whom wisdom dwells in holiness...

And please, only SCRIPTURE is inspired of God and only scripture should be used to describe our God. Artists and fans alike should be careful about ascribing Holy Spirit inspiration to these songs or any hymns of the church.