Praise the Lord! | Reviewer: Sajee | 7/31/09

The first time I heard this song was on Louie Giglio's teaching DVD. I was transfixed and tears were pouring down my eyes at the revelation of the majesty of our God.. The part "You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same" really broke my heart at how undeserved His love is.. What a mighty and Awesome God we serve.. How blessed are we to be His CHILDREN.. We love you Father God!

Scientists, supposedly wise people | Reviewer: MJK | 7/25/09

Yes I was overwhelmed by the wave of emotion that hit me. It was indescribable and I felt the Holy Spirit within me. How can any intellects explain this? They may be able to explain what's happening to your hormones or what God changes in your system, but can they explain the very core of it all? No! They claim to have knowledge, but knowledge has been given to them by God. They boast about science, but science only exists BECAUSE of God! The order of the world is only normal because of God- if it wasn't for God keeping it under control every millisecond, the order of the world would not exist like so.

God Himself is a Wonder | Reviewer: jecthel | 7/11/09

i'm so blessed with this song..
the song really expressed how magnificient, great, powerful and great is our God. no words can perfectly define what He is because He is "Indescribable"..
Praise be to Him who created everything..
from the smallest to the biggest and visible to the invisible..
everything from great to least started in Him..

wow. | Reviewer: Eva | 6/1/09

we sang this in church yesterday, and i was almost brought to tears at how amazingly true this is and i came to realize that every molecule, every million billion trillion zillion last one, God designed. and everything is so complex and specific and im just amazed at how wonderful God is.

indescribable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/09

this and god of our city are amazingg. both show how great our god is. especially this song. love love love this song. its the first time ive heard it and im already in love with it(: keep it up chris!!


the song really blessed me,acspecially that part which says God knows the stars by names it really made me realise how amazing our god teally is,and that i make sins but he still have mercy on me, oh my god i love you.

Amazing God | Reviewer: Adu-Amankwah S | 3/10/09

A great song adoring the awesomeness of God.Unchangeable, untameable,incomparable... this is how great our God is. Irrespective of our imperfection, He who sees the depths of our hearts shows his mercies.
This is my song of the decade.

Starstruck for the Lord | Reviewer: Chris | 3/9/09

I wake up in the morning with this song in my head and it makes my day! The part were it says you place the stars in the sky and know them by name is the very moment I realize that Gods all knowing all powerful and almighty. Wow is all I can really say and its a blessing to have a relationship with him and the very fact he loves us so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so we may have eternal life with our heavenly father. This song is amazing and I hope it blesses your day as much as mine.

Indescribably | Reviewer: Bob | 2/22/09

I love this song especially the part when it says you see the depth of my heart and you love me the same it's like saying we're so bad and God will love us no matter how much hatred or or things are in our heart. The song writer must have been touched deeply to write a song like this.
We should all be able to write songs like this from the lyrics of this song it should inspire us to write, where it touches us. and it will inspire ours if we write a song.
The Lord works wonders in this song

Amazing God! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

i just had an emotional breakdown due to some crisis in life... and i almost felt i was slipping away from God's hands and i drowned myself in despair but this song reminds me of His greatness, He is truely amazing, whether i believe it or not, He's simply amazing, for what he has done, and every single cell in my body is proof of His existence, it's undeniable! To be able to get to know Him is the most wonderful thing in my whole life ever!

i love God so much. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

Actually, Laura(it might be Lora)story wrote this. She was at my church- Woodland community- and she told us about where she wrote this song. She was in the mountains and she just saw all the beauty that God made. So she wrote this. I love this song!

wow!!! | Reviewer: holly | 12/23/08

from the highest of heights to the depths of the sea... this song in itself is amazing, God is so much more!!
a friend of mine on summer camp who wasn't a christian was truely touched by the words of this song.
Praise be to God!

God is beyond the understanding of our mortal human minds! | Reviewer: Brett Ludden | 12/13/08

The lyrics of this song have inspired me over and over again when I've been at my lowest state of mind. Just to think that he placed the millions of stars in the sky and knows every one by name is mind boggling! Simply look around you at every little detail of Creation and think that He simply spoke the words and it all came to be! We certainly serve an "Indescribable" God!! Praise Him that He is in control of every situation if I only give it over to Him and allow Him to love, bless and guide my life.

jaz-12 | Reviewer: jaz | 12/8/08

i sang this at a harvey norman super star competion and came runner up i know the words of by heart it is an awsome song and the words means so much.i think everyone should like this song its powerful and showes everyone wat god has done for us and tells us that he is indescribable.

Wow! | Reviewer: Skye | 11/29/08

I sang this song at my church and the wording is so powerful! How the songwriter sums up his feeling is amazing! Saying that he can't explain the way God is, how god is so...well, untamable and powerful fills me with awe. That none can fathom is such a simple,pure statement. As for the person who wrote those reviews regarding how this song "went to far" I think untamable is used describing how none can best God. I doubt you realize that describing God would take a word that has not been invented by our human minds. The Holy Spirit probably could describe God. Unfortunateley, I doubt we would understand. The songwriter is simply trying to help us see what God is.