INDESCRIBABLE GOD INDEED........ David Chibunna | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/12

I'v been hearing & playing this song without knowing d real meaning of it until d Holy Ghost taught me. This is indeed a very powerful song & tells dat wateva name u can call God, it still never describes Him real well. The song has taught me more about God. I pray 4u Uncle Chris dat God would give u more Grace & more of this revelation,,,,, Love

Amazing indeed He is | Reviewer: maximila | 10/31/12

I was experiencing pains on my nake that i found it even difficult to turn it,but as i was singing the song continuously as i go to work suddently i felt something has been removed from my nake and got a mirraculous healing isnt God indescribable indeeed?He is so amazing.

soul touching lyrics | Reviewer: ugoh elijah | 10/18/12

this is really a wonderful song.i first heard it in my church on sunday.since then i've always wanted to listen to it over and over again and learn the lyrics by heart.God bless Chris Tomlin richly for this masterpiece.

Awesome | Reviewer: shalini | 10/11/12

I heard it for the first time in church and was just soaked in His presence. Thank God for helping the spirit move in such a powerful way to even actually write every word. Its just amazing..awesome.....great way of exalting God....All superlative degrees. Stay blessed.

Indescribable masterpiece | Reviewer: SIMBARASHE MATAMBANADZO | 6/2/12

This is an indescribable masterpiece by Chris, i first heard this song at a local youth church meeting in 2010 and till this day i sing it daily. This song brings me closer to GOD, when i want to have a deep connection with GOD this song initiates it all, im ZIMBABWE, people love this song here, GOD bless Chris, those who combine these lyrics and ME so i could sing like him.

This song skims the edges of the Awesomeness of God's glory,but how Chris Tomlin does it is amazing! The Spirit of God at work in a ready vessel.I am greatly inspired by your music.GOD bless!

wonderful | Reviewer: onyii | 1/28/12

Wow! This is one of my favourite songs. When I listened to this I felt different, I just had to keep replaying it because it was something else. God is really at work here. Well done Chris n may God continue to use you to reach out to us lot. xXx

Awesome God-awesome creation | Reviewer: Christy | 1/19/12

God's greatness,sovereignty,power,majesty & dominion is seen in his creation. The fact that we have a beautiful & an awesome God is expressed in the expertise with which he created the universe. This is what this song is all about. Great God. Great song. Great writer. Bravo Chris Tomlin. Thank God he created you as well. You're amazing as well!

I have listened to this song and every time i listen to it, it quickens and refreshes my deeper understanding of how much God has revealed Himself through creation. I thank God for Chris Tomlin, you are a blessing to the world.

Truly great song | Reviewer: Geraldine | 11/11/11

Indescribable is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is haunting and true and incredibly beautiful. I have listened to it hundreds of times and it moves me still. Thank you Chris Tomlin and thank you God!!!

Great song :] | Reviewer: Ellaynna (Ella) | 8/31/11

Chris tomlin is great Im going to sing a duet with my friend and this is the song we were both thinking of Let our voices go up to God and let Him know we are going to please him in everything we do :]

Talent mahati | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/11

Hw amazim t z to hear such beautiful praise to a God who z truly indescribable. First heard the song @ m church, Word of life, Zimbabwe and since then it hs become the best song that comes close to talk abt m God's position n m life.

indescribable stuff | Reviewer: learnmore nkomo | 6/2/11

i first watched the dvd indescribable and the song was playing alongside. The song is awesome, God revealing, drawing our attention to things we have taken for granted like stars, creation and nature around us. Everytime i listen to the song my spirit is drawn to this cumbersome and uncontainable God. What can we say but humbly marvel and proclaim, you are amazing God. God bless you more brother Chris and continue to avail yourself for God service.

Gisele Rio de Janeiro | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

Just what I needed to hear - was sad feeling down but now my soul is full of Joy and the certainty that I am special to Him. His indescribable love for me is uncontainable! Thanks, Chris!GOd bless! When are you coming to Rio, Brasil, to sing for us?:)

spiritual reviver | Reviewer: joram mudzamba | 4/1/11

each time i listen to this song my spirit is lifted higher as i acknowledge how wonderful God's creation is. So amazing. I really like the song. I give honor to Chris. May the lord continue to bless you.