Amazing God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/11

If ever you feel your faith wavering, listen to this song. The lyrics are so true and powerful and if I sit and listen to it, I remeber how amazing God is and I feel so blessed to live on this beautiful earth.

Love This Song | Reviewer: Sarah Jane | 11/8/10

I love singing this song. This Wednesday, we're supposed to go over this song. Even though I'm not going to make to youth group that early, just doing it is a great experience. We only did it once last year.

you are god blessed and talented!!!! | Reviewer: Abigail Smith | 9/24/10

this song is so amazing.whenever i am using my computer, i just sit and listen to it and some of the other refreshs my soul and pulls out the praise i have in me for the only one who deserves it...Christ.i am a gospel song writer and singer but i havent gotten the opportunity yet to produce my favourite and one of my prime goals is to sing a song in honour of our lord and saviour with you and also Nicole Mullen. I am still praying and I know that faith can move mountains so let's see how far we will go!!!!God bless you...and dont are amazing!!!!!!

Sophie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/10

I've just spent a week in the Lake District, and i've has this song in my head the entire time. It's amazing, seeing the mountains, the sun setting over the sea, countless stars when there are no street lights to block them out... We even went to a zoo... there were some fantastic animals, i've never seen before. And i had this song in my head, and it just reminded me that God made every beautiful thing that i saw. And i felt so tiny and humbled... and then i remembered that He made me too :). 'You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name'. And he placed each one of us here, and he knows us by name, and knowing that is just... indescribable. Beautiful song, bless you all, and thanks Chris, for the song :)

just.... simply amazing | Reviewer: Kristel | 4/12/10

i heard this song recently at a YWAM (Youth With A Mission)launch camp. Just seeing so many young adults and teens singing and praising the Lord was so amazing. 30+ people dancing and just going crazy for God is just breathtaking. God bless you Chris, thank-you so much for this song.

beautiful | Reviewer: Destiny | 4/4/10

I love this song. The youth choir at my church; which is called Mount Calvary Penecostal Church Of God located on 755 prospect place bklyn,ny; just sang this song 4 easter sunday. I love this song with a passion. I sing dis song everytime im down just 2 remember that wat im worrying bout is not important, then i start 2 remember all the great things God did 4 us dat cant compare 2 wat ne man has done 4 us.

God is amazing | Reviewer: SEG | 3/19/10

I love this song so much, it's amazing--however just like "nita" said in the comments I do not like the ads on the side of the site--It's uncomfortable to be reading stuff about God and then have half-naked women on the side

This is great! | Reviewer: Ericka | 1/2/10

WOW!!! The first time I heard this song, it was last August 2009 in a Christian Leadership seminar... And i can't help but put myself to tears... It's just so heartwarming... Listening to this song is like actually experiencing GOD right then and there... Watch Louie Giglio in yutube with this song... it's terrific!! Absolutely moving!

Song, lyrics, amazing :-) | Reviewer: nita | 1/3/10

The song and lyrics are awesome. A wonderful song for worship. What a Blessing. It's a shame though the immoral advertisements on the side of this lyrics sight though. I wont use it again, blocking the sight.

This songs stirs my soul | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/15/09

Every time I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes,. Just to realize how great and awesome our God is and how he created everything with such detail especially human beings. We are so blessed to have an awesome God watch over us.

AWESOME GOD! | Reviewer: princess | 11/5/09

The first time I have heard this song was last April,during our SUMMER YOUTH CAMP held in our Church.As every words of the song entered my ears I was shaken and realized how GREAT our GOD really is and that how tiny I am. Thanks Chris for making this song to the people and dedicating this to our Heavenly Father-our Great Creator!Continue in serving a blessing always to others(^_^)

''Indescribable'' | Reviewer: Elizabeth James | 11/4/09

Love this song and I listen to it over and over again from spotify.... May God bless you more Chris Tomlin and family for using your talent for God's glory and for sharing your great love and faith to our Living God.

beautiful.... | Reviewer: y coffman | 10/11/09

My sister-in-law turned me on to this song and it moves me more and more each time i hear it! You cant help but sway and dance when you hear it, whether for the first time or the 50th, because of the joy and peace this song places in your heart....i LOVE it, thanks Tam for introducing me to it and thank you Chris for introducing it to the world....

His really indescribable | Reviewer: shalamy abuan | 9/27/09

i love to hear this song over and over again, because everytime i hear it i am always reminded on how Father God made this all especially on the love that His imparting even though we really dont deserve it that much..this song enlightens our mind on the hidden truth which is the powerful deeds of God..Your majesty is Indescribable..

Simply amazing | Reviewer: KC | 8/26/09

The first time i heard this song, my youth group was looking for songs to sing in the worship service. I actually performed this song twice, once at teh youth service and again at this past summers UM ARMY CAMP, love this song