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Performed by Chris Tomlin

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I've just added it to my favorites songs it gives strength when I'm down. I know what ever the world throws at me I can stand and say it is well | Reviewer: prosper msipa | 11/14/13

For listening to this songs give me strength even how weak I'm I find my strength in Lord I also find hope knowing that there is a brighter day ahead of me where there will be no more sorrow. And pain......... OOOHH how I love my lord

So beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/12

I attended a memorial service just this last Saturday for a beautiful woman who died of cancer. First time I had heard this song. I have added it to the collection of memorable songs and memorial services I have so that when the day comes that I have to prepare a service for one of my loved ones this will definately be a part of that service.

In the process of planning a funeral | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/12

I am in the process of planning a funeral for my precious husband who will soon go to be with Jesus. A few years ago I heard a soloist sing this song at church and the quality of words caught my attention and heart right away. The beautiful, peaceful melody and tempo calm the heart as do the words as they focus our mind on God's promises and bright future that awaits those who believe in Jesus as their Redeemer. As I plan this most special funeral the Holy Spirit has brought this song back to mind. Even if I am unable to work out the details necessary to include it in the actual funeral, just reviewing it has once again ministered to my heart and helped to guide my thoughts- and give me peace in my sorrow.

Senior Years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

Now that I am in my senior years I have been to many funerals and memorial services. Some are sad in that they never took the Lord at his Word. I hear "I did it my way", and "ave maria" and "He". I hope at mine, they will remember me with this song.... Loved it.

This song helps me have a vision of "that day" | Reviewer: zimasa mthintso | 7/31/10

When I heard it the Holy Spirit ministered to me and said that this peace I've come to know will help me remain standing in the faith no matter what Satan may throw my way. I can boldly say "ALL IS WELL!" Having a personal relationship with JESUS is much fulfilling and comfoting...! I am truely blessed by this song!!!

my fav CT song ever! | Reviewer: Joanna | 4/2/10

My grandad died in March last year. I never knew him because he died right before I was adopted. But my dad loved his father very much. They had a close relationship and he was really affected after the sudden loss. He heard this song and it had a whole new meaning to him. His dad's faith now IS his eyes...the next week CT was here on his Hello Love tour. He had lost his grandad that week also. He said his grandad had been his closest relative. CT sang this at his grandad's funeral. When he told this story, my dad began to cry...I had never seen him cry and now, here he was next to me weeping. It broke my heart to see him like that. This song means so much to me...and to my father. It makes us both cry to this day. It's my fav by CT.

The Most Touching and Real Song | Reviewer: Angela mayes | 4/22/09

This song is the Best I have heard in a long time. Everytime I hear it, tears start to form in my eyes, I cant even sit here and type this message without the tears. Jesus has overcome, and the grave is overwhelmed, victory is WON. Praise God for his mercy and forgiveness in us! Let us not live another day or take our next breath without his love in our hearts! Chris Tomlin you are doing a MIGHTY WORK for GOD and his kingdom. God be with you!

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