Reviews for How Great Is Our God Lyrics

Performed by Chris Tomlin

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christian and a believer | Reviewer: Maria Briseno | 11/22/09

Annointed and this song is for His honor and glory. A powerful song that will touch everyones
heart and more than anything else for the adoration of our Almighty God Jesus Christ our savior our redeemer the lives forever and ever amen ,alelelua and praise be to God Brother Cris Tomlin ,thank you and God Bless you and your entire ministry and family.

God is great indeed! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/09

Sometimes we forget how great he is, and what is more - we can't even imagine HOW great he is. cause the scripture says that "all the nations in the world are nothing in comparison with him - mere emptiness and froth..." and he is worthy... may be the one in this world who is worthy.
There are no limits in Him, there are only limits in our mind, unfortunately :(
Let God help us break all the walls and mountains between his church and Himself!!!

This song is stuck on my heart and mind. | Reviewer: cha | 11/1/09

Goodness, this song is so beautiful, so powerful, so simple, so true. It cuts down to the core of my being whenever I hear it and it just moves me so much. I've heard this song during church numerous times, including times when I am going through rough times (usually because of my own sin or stubbornness) and God speaks to me through it. Today I was dreading going back to work tomorrow for a job I dread and this song lifted me out of my funk so that I can face the week and be grateful what I do have. All of this stuff on earth is so minute and temporary, I really don't need to dwell on it at all. God is handling it, like he always does, because He is so great and beautiful. Every time I hear this song I just imagine all believers singing this in Heaven and it sends shivers up and down my spine.

God Is Great | Reviewer: tempres | 10/30/09

I love this song because it explains to us how important and great God is even if we cant notice it at times. Whenever I sing this song at church the saints really see how God can come through in all of your problems. He wants us to know that He is great and we really need to believe that He is because it is true. I mean the whole church falls under the annionting of the Holy Spirit. God is real and He is great. He just want people to know who He is .

HE is ABSOLUTELY GREAT | Reviewer: paul brugman | 10/24/09

this song makes my mind wake up! i remembered when i always down,unconfidence,and i surrender because all the problem that happend in my life! now, i know with JESUS, we can, we will fly like GREAT EAGLE, even we meet the storm, we'll fly higher! JESUS BLESS YOU ALL

Winnie | Reviewer: winfred | 10/2/09

Who created heaven & earth, made a way in the sea, made a wall fall just by a shout,collects dry bones and turns them to a great army, promotes from nobody to somebody, commands fire not to burn, shuts lions mouth, fights battles and wins ALWAYS. Forgives,saves,cleanses and deliver regardless of the sin,raises the dead, heals all manner of sicknesses and many more. This is JEHOVA. Yes can all sing HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD

Sing How Great | Reviewer: Tino Changadzo | 9/29/09

Ever since this sunday when we sang it in church, its been playing in my heart, and lets just all sing How great is our God... Coz He is the name above all names, He is worthy of ALL praise and let our hearts sing just how great He is.

God bless you | Reviewer: Mela | 9/29/09

I love this song with all of my heart. It is blessed and anointed. God is realy a Great Great God, cause He made everything and He is a Migthy, Worthy, Holy and Awesome God. I listen every morning to this song at my work, in the car and at home. Always remember that Jesus loves you more than the devil hates you. God bless you all

How Great Is Our God | Reviewer: Looyen | 9/19/09

This is my revelation song. After a huge emotional breakdown. I asked Jesus, I seek you. Please seek me. It was just minutes later that I heard this song drumming next door. This is my third sign.

This is so amazing.

God is Great! | Reviewer: Lissett Mesa | 9/16/09

Even though I'm going through a rough situation with my baby boy now, because doctors tell me he will be a vegetable his whole life. My heart tells me to trust God and have lots of faith. My baby will wake up, my heart tells me so. At the beginning I couldn't handle it because he is only 3 months old. But I understood that this is a trial and God wanted my attention. He has my attention fully. Only He will decide what happens to my son. Only GOD. Chris Tomlin this song is beatiful and true. It gives me a lot of strength to accept what's coming my way. God bless u all. Let's all sing: How great is our GOD!

GoD...GoD...GoD | Reviewer: zhehui | 9/12/09

When i sing how great is our god that time,always was sad,because in school something let me fell unhappy but when i listen or sing this song i will fell happy on that time.I hope how great is our god can give me every day happy and can change my life.GoD...GoD...GoD

Good day :) | Reviewer: jenny | 8/17/09

You know, my day just started really sad because some of my things are lost but when we sang that song in our Chapel hour, i felt feel better and later i found my things.....
i just ask God for help.
GOD is soooooooooo GREAT!!!!!!!!! :)

Realizing God's Greatness | Reviewer: Charmaine Brunson | 8/10/09

I heard the lyrics of the song and immediately I went and googled the lyrics. The song connected with my spirit, in a time where I was in search of God. It explained in words I couldn't how completely great God is! This song ushers in the Holy Spirit and makes you not want to leave! I listen to the song all the time! I sung the song in church on sunday and it was worship from then on in the church. God is greater than we could ever imagine. We try to understand when really there is no need because we can't, asking ourselves "How Great Is God?". He just wants us to realize his greatness and his awesome power. And except him for who he is!

Im cryin n0w worshipping God with this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/09

Thank you Mr.Tomlin! I am a pers0n who got hit by a car recently but God lifted me up and even though i cant walk well-i am THANKFUL that i am alive. Yes i will sing with you: 'how great is our God!'
Ill blog about this later.. Thank you!

Once you have proven God your whole praise change | Reviewer: Travier Beckford | 7/16/09

This song minister to me the first time I heard it. I felt this sensation similar to goose bumps took over my body and the just lifted my hands up and thank the Lord because he is great and I realized that no other can compare. I was driving and had to find this. I really love and listen to it on my way to work every morning.

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