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Performed by Chris Tomlin

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"How Great Is Our God" | Reviewer: lisa | 9/27/07

Wow, when I first heard this song, which had been put as background music to a "7 Wonders Of The World" email I received, I immediately fell in love with it! Later while riding in the car, at a stop light the car to my left had the windows rolled down and very loudly playing this song. I said to myself, I have to find out who sings that song, I love it! Thank you Chris Tomlin....I am purchasing it on my itunes for my ipod!

Totally Awesome song! | Reviewer: Mary | 9/14/07

From the moment I heard this song I was moved to tears, and everytime I sing it or listen to it, I have to stop and just lift my hands to our Heavenly Father. He is worthy of all honor and praise.

just Great. | Reviewer: John De Souza JayBee M'sia | 9/7/07

I heard this song sung by our youth choir and fell in love with the song. Its message is clear.
Great is our Lord. As a music ministry leader the coming rally for our 40 years in the renewal i will use this song to conclude the programme proclaiming Jesus is a Great god.

Wonderful songs | Reviewer: Fransisca | 9/4/07

That's the most wonderful song i ever known. I like it too much since i heard it in my church. Since i heard i start to find the lyrics. And i am happiful now because i'm find it. This song is very blessed me!

Dove | Reviewer: Dove | 9/3/07

This song is amazing!!! I love it!!!!Thanks Chris Tomlin for those beautiful song :) God is...

Blessed Be - Jennifer C. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

How great is our God and this song?!?! I sing this song loud and proud!!!! This is one of the first Christian songs that I listened to and it "literally" gave me the chills! AMEN to EVERY word!

His Presence | Reviewer: Daniel | 8/29/07

Thank GOD for such good song writers...And i believe that God is already doing his work...through this song.This song has touched me so much that it automatically comes and i begin worshiping GOD.

God's greatness | Reviewer: recill | 8/25/07

Oh God,How amazing You are!!!I was really blessed of this song,very wonderful,infact we danced this in our church anniversary...i love this very much!!!!

A song of worship | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/07

I love to just go out alone, and sing this song. I look around at the world around me, the big trees right down to the little ladybugs, and just sing out, "How great is our God!" The words are so simple yet so powerful. His name is above all names. Even non Christians know of a God, but there are actors in famous movies, and we don't know their names. Our God is so amazing, and we shouldn't be able to keep from standing in awe and whispering out " How great, is our God!"

WOW... | Reviewer: Cheryl King | 7/28/07

These lyrics are absolutely amazing..when i sing this at home or at church,I feel like I'm talking right to God Himself.. I love this song!!

amazing lyrics | Reviewer: Break-Free | 7/24/07

The lyrics are just simply amazing.
Touches so many people heart and that includes mines. I love this song and will sing along with them.

How Great is our GOD! | Reviewer: Robin Lisa Weber | 7/16/07

:) Your words are entrancing and are such a Blessing. If I could be there where you are, I would certainly be bringing you, Similar yet wonderful blessing's in return for all that you've done and yet to do for others.

In return for all the wonderful and amazing blessing's that you have given us as a churh family, I pray that you and yours are equally yoked and blessed as more and more music unfolds into your mind.
Robin Lisa Weber

I will be seeking out the words to the Spanish version and I am certain that the Blessings will be overfowing

You and I would be having a wonderfully blessed time..Singing this amazing song...(In Spanish)

duh' BEST! | Reviewer: rnf61328 | 7/15/07

i really DO like this song. its really touching, i remember the very first time i've heard it.
i feel different. coz no matter wut I do, dat even though i have failed Him so many times,Yet He is still da same. and dat is why i love this song "HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD" because HE IS!

:) | Reviewer: Tone =) | 7/13/07

How Great is our God!!!
yes our God is great!
Its so beutiful to watch the video, when Hillsong sings this song..! All the people sharing theire love for God!<3
Its beutiful.. This Song is Beautiful!<3
God bless:)

Amazing | Reviewer: Jennifer | 7/2/07

This song has changed our house! God is great....thanks for these words of worship! They make us smile, raise our hands high and sing how great is our God!

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