can't help it!!! | Reviewer: Joy Lampley | 10/7/2008

Glory in the highest! Doesn't this say enough? Our God is Holy and deserves to be praised. What an honor we have to usher praises to the Holy of Holies!! The words of this song proclaim those praises.....

Glory to The Highest ...perfect to hear when hiking up Pikes Peak! | Reviewer: Angie | 1/29/2008

In September 2007 I had set a goal. This song and the words encouraged me to meet my goal of hiking up PIkes Peak here in Colorado Springs, CO. At one point when I felt I couldn't go anymore, I looked at the sky and all of the beauty below me at the treeline and thought, "Glory in the Highest" and finished! Very inspiring song!

Glory in the Highest | Reviewer: Tigger | 11/21/2007

This is a very good to sing at church-it is very joyful to listen to and easy to memorize! It sounds so great with two or more people singing! Lyrics are A++! :-)

Review of Glory in the Highest | Reviewer: David | 4/16/2007

I especially LOVED the ending :). I think all of Chris Tomlin's songs are an A+, but I can really listen to this all day!

Glory in the Highest | Reviewer: Tracy | 10/13/2006

This song is incredible (as are most Tomlin's tunes). This song in particular though has a tremendous message and impact for a relatively simple song. I love it !!!