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Performed by Chris Tomlin

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Absolutely wonderful, if understated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

Splendid song! I do like the more aggressively upbeat version by Lincoln Brewster, but I could go for an even heavier version with more KICK! After all, He IS the Everlasting God!

everlasting | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/31/07

i don't know if you've heard it, but YFriday do this song amazingly!
definately my favourite worship song.

I ... | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/18/07

I think that i pretty much love the song "Everlasting God" idk why...but it is AMAZING!

Powerful Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

My wife had a heart attack 4 years ago at age 52. She is growing more tired as the months pass. Her heart is growing weaker and we are trying to get her on a heart transplant list. I have faith that God will do what is right. The song, Everlasting God is an inspiration for me. I know God will put a new heart in her. Because He the defender of the weak and He will comfort those in need. When she receives her heart, she will no longer faint, she will not go weary, and she will soar on the wings like eagles.
Please pray for her - Blessings

I love this song | Reviewer: ty | 5/3/07

I love this song, but I must admit I prefer Lincoln Brewster's rendition. It's much more upbeat and powerful.

EVERLASTING GOD | Reviewer: amanda | 4/15/07

This is an awesome song. I love it! God is an everlasting God!

The perfect song for me right now | Reviewer: Lucy Cooke | 3/20/07

I heard this song this weekend, and was amazed at how much it sums up where I'm at right now. Through it God reminded me to lean on his strength and to wait upon him. Definately a God-inspired song, which I reckon may have something to do with Isaiah 40?

I love this song!! | Reviewer: chels | 2/24/07

i absolutely love this song!! i heard it today driving down the road and i just couldn't help but sing along!!i<3 this song!

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