Amazing love | Reviewer: ruby | 7/3/08

this spiritual song is suits for all of us,,very touching and has the deep meaning,coz JESUS died for us to redeem us for our sins..Thank u JESUS you are my king indeed..i will buy this CD of chris tomlin...keep it up.GOD bless us all.

amazing | Reviewer: reese | 5/30/08

I first heard this song when I was on a mission trip with my church. It was just one little guitar playing the song. It was so beautiful. From the first time I heard it, it really touched my heart and made me realize just the amazing extent of God and Jesus and the never-ending, unconditional love. I love this song

The Day is Near | Reviewer: Leandra | 2/27/08

I love this song.It is so beautiful and all the words are true. I am only 13 and most well most teens are out partying I am home reading my bible.
God bless
PS.You are all in my Prayers. :)

It's Amazing Love | Reviewer: Margaret | 2/9/08

The first time I heard this song it really melted my heart. I wept coz the songs itself express unconditional love. Pure perfect Divine Love demonstrated by our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus. I believe that Amazing Love must have had deep impact on anyone one who hears it just like it did to me.
May God bless you heart Chris.

Amazing Love | Reviewer: Hannah | 2/3/08

This song is amazing, it express exactly how i feel about Jesus! Jesus is our king he died on the cross for you sins. I listen to this song everyday I live for the lord he is my savior, king, and everything else. I will always honor him. I have always been told that "The Lord NEVER leaves us we are the ones that leaves him." Everyone should go to Church and listen to the preacher! If you cant go to church you can watch a preacher on channel 377 on direct t.v.!

An AMAZING song! | Reviewer: Skylar Bell | 1/6/08

I love this song! My cousin and I, and mabey some other people, will sing the song in church on Valintines day weekend.It has touched me in away nothing elts could. No bible verse, no way a preacher has preach, and no other song. The song is the most beutiful thing I've heard or read. No song could compare to this song.

Amazing... | Reviewer: TOny | 11/28/07

To God be the glory always..
This song, through God's Love has touched me to praise Jesus more through this Song for Him.

God bless always :)

amazing love | Reviewer: kathrine | 11/24/07

this song has touched my life in so many ways cause I feel the same way the song describes and it gives me this good feeling inside

God's will for us | Reviewer: Edsel | 11/3/07

this song is so amazing, my life is fulfilled when i first heard this song i'm touched. now i know that the love of God never ends it is like a circle without any edge.

Touched | Reviewer: David Houston | 9/12/07

The first time I heard this song was at Steubenville Atlantic and it was like when the song came on i knew the words but i never heard the song before and singing it and listening to it it just brought me that much closer to Jesus its unreal

aming love | Reviewer: shelley | 9/8/07

amazing love to me makes it fell to my that i am only 11 years old making me feel like i am having sex

Heartfelt | Reviewer: Ruth Case | 8/28/07

This song touches me. It so sums up how I feel for what Jesus did for me on the cross. AMAZING can it be... I truely owe Him my life!
Thankyou Jesus!

God's love is really wonderful | Reviewer: Samuel Ablordeppey | 6/6/07

God's love is so wonderful that man cannot comprehend it.God's love is so wide,so high and so low.What a wonderful love we have from Him!

Amazing | Reviewer: Jadey | 5/20/07

This song is amazing, it express exactly how i fell about jesus, he died for me, and i live my life for him, i live my life through him, i honor him with everythinn i have, every second of each day. he is my king, my savior.

Amazing Love | Reviewer: Michelle | 4/4/07

Would like to purchase Amazing Love song. Where can I buy it. Which cd is it on?