GOD IS AMAZING | Reviewer: Agnes | 8/1/14

When I heard this song I always think of my parents.Because they said that God is amazing. They are the once that made
me put God first in my life..

YOUR love is so Amazing to me... | Reviewer: rolina hawker | 6/3/14

.......... I cant control my heart always singing this song ..It keeps me going //iam using the song if I am in my meditation tine it really invites the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD! ..I CAN FEEL he is touching me .. my whole being is in Jesus presence .. I love you GOD!...

My Savior. | Reviewer: Joshua | 6/4/14

Truly you are Amazing God. That's why I always thank you each and every single day for your LOVE, GRACE, FAITHFULNESS, FORGIVENESS, MERCY, for SAVING ME everything i want to say thank you. My Savior!..

His Amazing Love is Way Bigger than my guilt! | Reviewer: Clyde's wife | 3/13/14

I heard a man on the radio talking about “how the devil steals our joy using guilt.” I related to this message. You see the enemy tries to make people feel unworthy of Christ’s love. Then wow “Amazing Love” started playing. I realized in a moment, that Christ’s amazing love is way bigger than my guilt, my shame and my sin. The words in this song have helped to make this reality much more clear. - “I'm forgiven because You (Jesus) were forsaken I'm accepted, You were condemned I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me Because You died and rose again.”

Amazing Love CD | Reviewer: AB | 2/11/14

This is the most beautiful song. It speaks volumns to the world about how much Jesus loves everyone of us,and I could listen to it all day. I would like to have the CD but I do not know which CD it is on can you tell me? Chris Tomlin is an amazing artist.

So amazing and very powerful | Reviewer: Tinkhani Daniel Lungu | 1/26/14

A symbol of great and true love of Gog thrugh Jesus, a song i cant listen on and on to relieve my fears and it gives hope and courage, it takes me place i want to come back, amazing love indeed.

amazing love of God | Reviewer: diana sanchez | 6/23/13

how deeply this lyrics comforts me!! we have got to admit that nothing have compared to God's Love.. this is my favorite song that i ever been heard.. because this music relax me when i am tired.. GODS LOVE IS AMAZING TO ALL OF US AD HIS LOVES ENDURES FOREVER

Singing this song takes me deeper into the love of Jesus! | Reviewer: Destiny7 | 5/31/13

This song is doing a deep work in my heart. It seems to take me into a very deep place and it's a place I want to keep coming back to. I enjoy just basking in the presence of God. Though I know that I am already in the heart of God, I have the sensation that my whole being is entering that place of perfect love when I lay on my bed and ponder the words of this song, allowing Holy Spirit to sing them in my head. God is so good!

amaizing love | Reviewer: LINDA | 9/1/12

this song make me fell Jesus is very close to me i cry when i play this song on my computer

us and make sad thinking how much he suffer for
in my personal life i know hes life and death
and i still doing sins ,PRAY FOR ME PLEASE. MY KING HELP ME you know my heart

Love | Reviewer: Makayla | 5/22/12

I love this song so much my youth leader at church sings it all the time and we have had many souls saved and many people touched when she sings it. It is one amazing song and I love it so much. I got this memorized along with I'd Need A Savior by Among The Thirsty.

Touch my hearth | Reviewer: VirgeMae | 5/5/12

hearing this sOng,thank gOd for making me smile as always even do im not your perfect daughter.i love God with all my hearth not because he gave me what i want but because he is my god my one and only gOd.thanks for the blessings.

Sacrifice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/12

This song has been a tool and medium through which God caught my attention when i was alienated from him. The writer must have been led by the Holy spirit. This is not entertainment but worship that propells you to cry cry cry and weep as we see where we faileth

I Love Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

This song is very anointing...Just bliv that Jesus love for us was so amazing. Anyway this song really hits my heart from the first time I heard it.

I just wanna tell you Jesus that I really love you

elated | Reviewer: 507 | 11/13/11

this song speaks of the shame and suffering that the Lord Jesus bore in our place..he became sin itself for us sinners so that we could enter heaven! We deserve none of His love but still he became our sin offering....praise the Lord!!

amazing love... | Reviewer: Tawana | 7/13/11

this song is amazing itself. I cant help but cry each time it plays on computer. God has done so much for me, yet still I dont deserve the Grace He has shown. That's why I break down when i sing amazing love for indeed that's what His love is...