please dont stop !! HOLY SPIRIT | Reviewer: mark | 4/12/11

i am so thankful to be blessed and moved by this song I Am moved at how He has blessed all of you. Thank you to all who testify how great the Lord is. now dear jesus and precious holy spirit pour out on all those Again. go deeper dear lord Much deeper.... Now may you all Receieve it again. xo

RLY Amazing | Reviewer: Nirushan | 3/22/11

I was grumbling against God, coz I couldnt accept what i go through, but after listening to this song, it touched me and changed me n gave me the heart to accept my cross n sparked my faith. Thank you God.

No words...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/10

This song touched my heavy heart yesterday. I was really feeling down, and was crying for the most part of the day. I got in my car, and turned on the radio (KLOVE) and this song came on and Lifted me. It truely speaks louder than words! Thank you Chris!
Tamarha ~ NKC, MO.

Love It! Mary Lynn. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/10

I am a pastor of a recent church plant and I have been so blessed by this song. It says it all when it comes to the unconditional Love of our Lord. Thank you Chris for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you.

True Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/10

We have got to admit that nothing can be compared to God's love because of what he has done for us. No one else could have done what Jesus our saviour has done for us. Accepting to be crucified for our sins. Praise the Lord forever. Amen

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

what an amazing song, had to be given by the Holy
Spirit. I love it! you feel the Lord's outpouring love when you sing it. I am everything I am because of Jesus sacrifice for me. I love Him so much! Thanks again! Love, Co-pastor J Palmore--worship leader--Ga.

what a great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/10

I'm currently playing this song on the piano.I have to say it's one of my favorites. at frist before I looked this song up I thought I would get no results,but wow you can even download the song to your cell phone.I so glad people care about God's amazing love.Thanks comment readers!

singing it in church as chior leader for the first time..... today | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/09

this song is awesome i love it. and i will be singing it today in church as chior leader so im kinda nervous and i wont be able to do it as good as chris but wish me luck and may god praise everyone of you

awesome song | Reviewer: ellen gangte | 4/9/09

this is an awesome song,chris, thanks for the beautiful song, may God continue to bless you with more beautiful and living songs in the future. i will be singing these song in my church comming easter sunday in my church at new delhi.
Ellen Gangte

Amazing how much God Loves Us | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/09

this song is so wonderful and portraits a great picture of the unconditional love that the Father has for us that he would lay down his life for us. two of my girlfriends and myself will be sing this song on resurrection Sunday. great job!!!
To God be the Glory

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

i love this came to me from our church director for me to sing in the easter play...i usually dread the idea of learning a new song because i do not like to take time to LEARN it...i like to just KNOW it when i get was very easy to learn and i am going to sing it for the easter play at the cross...i hope i do good...

love this song | Reviewer: allison | 10/15/08

this is an amazing song. i have been going through very hard situations and i have been singing this song over and over again in my head and God knows that i am asking him for help and he is helping me. he is my strong tower forever and always :)

the title of this song is so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/08

This song plays in my mind all the time. It has such a soft beat, and uplifting tone. The words are so true and positive. I am so sure this song has reached many. What a wonderful what to witness to others, just by playing a song on the radio.

Agree | Reviewer: Gary | 7/8/08


They have said everything about this song and what represents. I just want to join them at praising Jesus Through this beautiful song. Greetings from Ecuador, South America, where we also love our Lord Jesus.

God bless you all


True Amazing | Reviewer: Rosie | 7/7/08

WOW, what a song. Simple words, but so deep and beautiful in meaning. It completely blew me away. My eyes were filled with tears of Joy and that realization of how much God LOVES US! We don't deserve any of it, and still he sent his SON to Die just for us.