Inspiration | Reviewer: Oranus | 7/13/08

Hi Chris fans. It is about 20 days that I've become familiar with Chris. His songs, lyrics and specially his sound has sophisticated me so much as every day and night I listen to his songs. I feel that his sound gives me kinds of inspiration for cubism painting.

So Many Memories!!! | Reviewer: Jinty | 5/15/08

Hi there Rea fans!I got hooked on Chris when my dentist played Shamrock Diaries on the headphones during treatment!!!I am from Scotland now living in Texas U.S.A. I saw him live 3 times!! I have now got my American hubby listening!!!His music is so true to life and his voice is awesome...Thank-you Chris for helping me to fight an 18 month battle with breast cancer...your music took me home to my family sooo many times....I will never stop playing your music....The world needs more like you!!!May you have continued better health.....GIVE US ANOTHER TOUR AND I'LL COME HOME TO GLASGOW FOR IT!!!
THE U.S.A does not know what it's missing!!!!!

Best songs ever. The only singer I hear. | Reviewer: Brunilda Sidheri | 4/3/08

Chris Rea has been introduced to my by my husband.I can't start my day without his songs. They are my energy and my air. If I can't hear them I will feel the emptiness of my life. It's hard to get good music nowdays with this garbage music going on TV. Hopefully it will be a new Chris Rea music generation. Thank you Chris for the awesome songs.

Awesome | Reviewer: The Lidd | 3/31/08

Went to see Chris last night at Oxford. I have been a fan of Chris's music for years so with the chance of a ticket i went.
Chris came on and had the audiance dancing in the isle's. The sound was and the atmosphere was awesome. It was truely a night to remember.

Let's Dance | Reviewer: VV Fletcher | 2/20/08

Hi, I was looking for an email address for Chris Rea. I was listening to a meditation on how to locate an area known to promote Shiva, they said make a humming sound and it can be located above the palate.............many years ago I remembered listening to a Chris Rea song and singing along and that is when I had a spiritual insight of the Dance of Shiva. I downloaded the lyrics just now and realised how I had obtained this amazing spiritual insight.............with help from this song, "Let's dance." You may not know quiet where I'm coming from, but if you can pass this message of thanks to him please would you. Kind regards VV Fletcher.

prayer | Reviewer: moses | 10/18/07

i said a prayer today for all those who are having a all kinds of diseasesthat is about to put them to death, whether cancer or whatever,the lord Almighty as He liveth and his spirit liveth, receive your healing by the power of God that called me by name.God the doctor of healer will come to you right now and heal you.

And i pray for those who are in financial problem the lord Almighty will gives you all your desire. and every licking pocket trouble your life shall die in the name of the lord.

And i pray for those who are not yet married, the god jehovah will give you your right partner. you will have a good wife , you will have a good husband in the name of the lord.

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Looking for the summer | Reviewer: Shayan Setayesh | 4/14/07

"Looking for the Summer" is my favorite song. It sarts with:
"Look deep into the April face. A change has clearly taken place. Looking for the summer" It was released in 1991.Every year in April I listen to this song every day, many times. It is so moving. I can't describe it.

Kingston, Ontario

What a voice | Reviewer: Poppy Zaronias | 4/15/07

I've been hooked on Chris Reas music for about 12 years now. my friend kept on playing his music over and over that i ended up buying his tapes {in those days}. His voice is so hauntingly beautiful it takes me away each time to my "hay days". I dedicated September blue to a friend of mine that was killed in a car accident and a few more people were amazed at this mans voice and lyrics, i think he got a few more fans. A bit dissappointed that there hasnt been an album released recently, i'd love to hear his voice again with new lyrics. Darwin, Australia still waits for you.

greatest hits | Reviewer: Pam | 3/3/07

I am from the usa and I was introduced to chris' music through a friend. I am hooked! Gone fishing is a moving and emotional song. I have water colored may paintings of seas with lovely sunsets with the words of this enchanting song. The recipients are floored by the words and how profound they are. I also provide them with a gift of a CD. Mr. Rea is making his way across the USA by the best advertising...word of mouth.
Continued health and thought provokeing words that lead to music to inspire all for many years to come.
Please let me know how to get the double cd collection that was mentioned in the bio.
Many Thanks and watch those "Banana Skins", they'll get ya!
Pamela Graff
Niagara Falls, USA