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Hauting Vocals & Cut to the Heart Lyrics | Reviewer: Dale Campbell | 3/4/12

As a Travel Book Writer for years , I 1st came across C.D. when Lady in Red hit the charts . His hauting Vocalizations & Phrasing is SPOT-ON & his lyrics really touch me . I get the feeling He LIVED in those stories or at least believes very deeply in his song(s) .

My faves are The Head & the Heart & Midnight in Moscow & of course "RED' .

As a Wedding Singer for +25 Yrs. , I can spot a Truly Romantic Singer / Songwriter in a Hearbeat .

Chris is truly a Tune Troubador Supreme .

Many put Sinatra on when headed toward a Time of Lovemaking , but for me it is Chris .

Forever a Fan ,

Dale Campbell

The Best | Reviewer: Pouriya | 3/9/11

I know alot of singers but this one is completely
I have five favourite singers & he's one of them
& also the one who attracts me more than the others because his songs are kind of music that i've always wanted in my life,Sometimes feeling of loneliness sometimes feeling of happiness & sadness.


one of the greats | Reviewer: brenda hennemann | 2/10/10

I first heard Chris De Burgh when he came out with into the light, and then went on the quest to find and buy all that he has created. I have four, Crusader, The Getaway, Man on the line, and Into The Light. If I'm missing any please let me know so I can find and add to my most prised collection. He is truly a man with deep soul and and truth. His wife and daughter are so lucky to hear the love he feels for them. Congrats to you Chris for finding such a women to inspire you. thank you for the music.

brenda hennemann
From Salem, Oregon

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