always been there 4 ya since 16 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/14

They may throw crap at you,say a lot of rubbish about ya.I know ur allergic to Haters Becoz I always love you Babe and I've loved since your 16,Keep ur head High,Oh keep the Good Music Rollin...
From mee
Kali Miya
Cape Town ,SA

please don't go chris brezzy | Reviewer: jasmine | 4/6/14

A nigga that got insperd by the pop king is know the most famous RNB singer and hip-hop dancer loved by all if you leave now who will I look up to as my role model as my idol I'm only 16 loosing you now won't be awsome please don't go brezzy international love love you. Much love south african biggest fan:jasmine

Chris please don't leave | Reviewer: daphne leeuwschut | 4/3/14

Chris please don't leave we love you and all but you can't leave us your my role model I may be a girl but I always wanted to dance like you if your gonna leave it won't be the same without your new music videos don't care what them mitches and bitches say they can hate all that they want but they can never bring you down Show them that you are Stronger than what they think you are Chris Brown we all love you don't forget that tho <<3

why why do u have leave the industry | Reviewer: laly motokwane | 10/29/13

Breezy why do u hav to do this m a big fan of your and your music ensparing so much.shud I be worried as a loyal fun of yours?chris u were born to do this.lots of love to u bra and may god be with u to make this decision

Why do you have to leave the industry?? | Reviewer: Desmey ramaloko | 9/26/13

Dude, no ways. This ain't fair! Why do you have to leave the industry? Hmmm...i'm gonna miss watching you dance on your music videos, hearing your voice sing. I mean, u awesome like that but now u decide to leave....mxm...#sad

breezy-b | Reviewer: bongani masombuka | 8/14/13

breezy why you do this?plz dnt ever give up on industry i love u bra! I,am always leasting u music all must of the time and i hve ur lot of pics in my phne and brther plz mve on bout u music...f.a.m.e am so worried streesed