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Performed by Chris Brown

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Freaks | Reviewer: *D* | 11/7/2008

Ya'll freaks are way too obsessed with this rap star. all he is is some fake dude with good looks and a almost good voice. you guys are too stupid to go out into thereal world and get a fucking BOYFRIEND. if you spent half as much time as you spend obsessing over chris brown studying you might be SMART. Scratch that you could never be smart.

kiante boo | Reviewer: kiante | 12/1/2007

yo by boo chris this song is the bomb u gettin it in thiz video doin them dances im in my living room tryiing 2 learn them im ur number 1 fan and that song with you goes out 2 me i know LOL

yep yep!!! | Reviewer: delia | 11/25/2007

yo i loved that movie stump the yard you weare popin' even though you did'nt last to long in it!!!!!! lol lol lol!!!!! oh and this song cool 2!!!!

its hot | Reviewer: wafa el ghoul | 9/13/2007

hey chris i love all your songs en i gotta say the true i love you 2 but whene you sing you dont show that you emotions on the tv pls think about it but i love your song en pls dont change you song because i like them just show a lil more pain in your videoclips like frankie j

What a Crack Up | Reviewer: Hope | 9/6/2007

hahahahahahahaha this song is not sure about you but that chick sharinda but thats pretty weird dude....if i was Chris Brown id stay away from that kinda yea hes mega Hot!!! but i dont think ill take it as far as u did with the hhusband wife thin or the kids...thats just too much dude!!! lol i think u shud just chill....chris Brwon will find u one day and think Daym Gurl...where have u been all my life!!! lol.....u know what i mean???!!!

a big battle | Reviewer: kevin | 8/26/2007

a yo chris f ur reading this review it means myname is kevin and i dance jus like u and maybe one day f u cum don to west palm bech,fl we can battle hahaha and f ur friends wit omarion bring him 2

sexy fine handsome nigga my baby my love i love u and no bitch i can take u | Reviewer: sharinda | 8/24/2007

hi baby u miss me i love wall to wall iwish u could preform wall 2 wall on my birthday sept 3 i love u dont tell y but u are fuckin damn hot and sexy and u make sweat and every time my sis she is 19 she is like yur number 2 fine but i am yur number1 fuckin fan dont dont him haters cuz yall cant have him
he is my man and dont touch him wen is yur concert cuz i want them tickets cuz u is so sexy for me and u make look like yru wifr
and i want to have kids 4 u and they are goin to name chris brown jr and the girl is goin to name christina cuz u is my husband

heiiheii | Reviewer: cheyenne | 8/23/2007

my name is cheyenne and i LOVE YUR SONG WALL TO WALL IT MII NEW FAV SONG!!


this song is so kwl | Reviewer: Rose | 8/19/2007

hey man this song is so awesome it me favourite i love all ya songs its totally kwl.

8-10-07 | Reviewer: jazmine smith the cuzin o chris brown | 8/10/2007

i love you i think im your cuz do you know keri & malanie gilbert they always hanged out with your sis ang gladis and richerd smith are my granmom and granpop and ray ray is my cuz im 10 year old

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