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Performed by Chris Brown

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wow only girls | Reviewer: marcus | 9/10/2008

well u girls are crazy im not hatin or anything but chris is too old for you lil girls sorry tho im not tryna be mean but yea chris is my home boi so any one who actually knows him holla at him for me

MISS. 305 | Reviewer: erica | 7/16/2008

I love this song chris it makes my man she what he got and he will do everything to keep me because this songs make him see what he dont do. someone other then him will do. so thanx chris and keep doing u baby ur big fan Miss.305 4/life

young girls | Reviewer: kinjii | 6/22/2008

yall jus some young lil girls im pretty sure that if chris took the time out of his day to read this bull(which im pretty sure he isn't)he wouldnt as yall say take nun of yall down cause yall too young yall should be sittin down readin a book somewhere!!!and thats comin from a grown ass 20 year old woman so jus wait yall time to be taken down will come!!!!

maria 2 cute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/2008

chris brown was sooooooooo cute in this video
but my daddy dont like the video he is soooo hot but any ways if you see this chris brown you is going call look me up or something ok, ilove you and when you do call me and we hook up you is goin to show me your chest again iam 14 ok

sexii | Reviewer: desiree | 4/20/2008

hey im ur #1 luver&fan!!!1st i wanna kno da grl who chris is gonna take down and wat do yooh mean it ain't ur first time? being a bad boi,lol?!

LUV YOOH ur sexii luver
p.s u can take me down anytime anywher jus tell mee!sexii

Hella sexii | Reviewer: dnt need 2 kno | 4/20/2008

OMG!! I luv yooh sexii !!! ur soo fricken awsome i luv all ur songs soo u better keep em comin cuz i alredy kno every single one~anyways i kno someday i will meet you cuz u r soo fine n sexii n remeber you can take me down anytime you want!lol
luv yooh sexii hunny
n 2 alll da ppl who b sayin **** y ru gonna say stuff on dis pg. if yooh dnt lyk him?

hella sexy | Reviewer: cassie | 2/23/2008

yo i went to the chris brown concert jan 6, when this song came on, chris was thrusten his body up n down very forcefully,my sister even covered my eyes lol, it was amazing yo.. lol well yeah im yo # 1 fan,im 15 n i think u hav tha bst personality,,,, ima meet u one day i promise... thnnx for ur music, it gets me through the day... keep em comin chris love ya -cassie

I don't even like Chris Brown like that | Reviewer: Briana | 1/15/2008

I dont even like chri brown, omarion, bow wow, or ne heart throb but when I went to the Chris Brown concert bout 2 months ago and he sang this song grindin on the movin stationary thing, I was like WOAH!! Mi like mi likes alot!! I don got the cd and everything just to hear this song.... He make me wanna take him down!!!

chris can take me down!!! ne day | Reviewer: ashlynn k freeman | 1/3/2008

man this song is so SEXY and so is chris brown i am ur #1 fan chris i dnt care wat ne 1 else thinks cuz they dnt luv u as much as me so pleeze... but i cried when i heard this wasn't ur 1st time cuz ur supposed 2 wait 4 me but u can take me down whenever and wherever so find me! p.s. love you

I wanna take chris down! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/2007

DAMN! this song is sexy as hell! the first time i heard it i fell in love! i wanna take chris down bc he is so finE! this song is amazing keep em coming! love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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