I'm real unlike sum pple | Reviewer: brianna | 1/28/09

Hiiii chris brown I can't b leave it. Ur 19 now I can remember wen u was 16 singin run it. U grew in2 a sexii man. I hope ur music is goin good. I also hope u and rihanna break up coz she is kinda old for u and she is a slut. I dnt like her but I'm not dating her so I really can't say much. My name is brianna and I am 14 frm providence rhode island. B4 I go I jus wanted 2 let u kno I hope u read this msg n send me bac 1 asap pllzz. And hopefully we can tlk more. DUECES

Chris Brown! <3 | Reviewer: Britni Chase | 1/23/09

I Love You Chris Brown. You Are Amazing. I Read Everything About You, Buy Every Magazine With You On The Cover, Record All Your Music Videos, And Look You Up On Youtube. Im Honestly Not Obsessed With You To The Point Where I Would Stalk You But I Honestly Love Your Work And Love You. Your Music Is Amazing And I Love It. I Listen To It All The Time. And I Have Your DVD That Came With The CD "Exclusive" That I Watch ALOT! I Am In Love With Your Work. And Im In Love With You. I Think It Would Be AMAZING If I Ever Got To Meet You. I Live In The Small State Of Maine And No One Ever Has Concerts Here. But If You Ever Had One I Would Be The First To Get A Ticket I Promise You That. Im Actually Hoping To Go To One Of Your Concerts In A Different State. I Would Pay Someone To Bring Me To The State Just To See You Perform. I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN!!!!!
With Loads Of Love,
~*Britni*~ <3<3<3<3<3 XOXOXO

<3 ,iloveyou | Reviewer: MiSsInDePenDanT.x] | 1/15/09

im seriously in love with you (lol), i dont beg like these other girls all like "number one man, MY chris brown"
your not theirs, your no ones unless you want to be.
i know im never going to get a chance with you and ive accepted that fact i came to your concert last night (14th january) in birmingham and it was seriously the best night of my life (L)

fan | Reviewer: lovely | 1/13/09

i chris brown u are the sweetest,nicest and most hotest man i have ever seen i am your biggest fan your number one fan i now it most be mad to be you. person what to be you. person what to be with you. you do not now how is your friend. that must be pianful. in my life my father is a singer not a big one but he is one .in jamaica his name is ice block my name is a shh shh name i do not want to bug you so may be you what to sleep so bye christ brown i like yur music and your looks but do i like you for you christ brown (look for all the open letters to find out my name put it in the same order they is one i) c o ilke d i your a n music bye

love | Reviewer: curlyannmorrise | 1/6/09

dear Chris i think u r wonderful and my niece just have fall in love with u and i like u 2 so i`m just wishing u and yr family and friends a wonderful 2009 and i hope u still continue to do yr thing and my god bless u and yr singing.

you have a great live i am vary happy for u | Reviewer: adiam | 12/20/08

well what i wont to say i know that every bady is saying it is a littl bit short well it is but i think that your life is so great and so normal
so i hope that u will have a great life and continu ok love ya bye

More info | Reviewer: edilyn | 12/14/08

Dam i Got a Project Due On Wed.17 And i Have a Project On You Dam it And i Hav Another Project to Finsih OMG! can Yu Guyz Help Me Anyone !
i Need 2 Noe Ur Story Life Why You like to sing and how you became a singer dam i got in F in this class this is the only thing that would put up my grades am Gona fail because of you guyz.

More Info plz! | Reviewer: laura V. | 12/12/08

I am doing a project on you and ive tried many other sites so far youre the best one but i still need more info the other people said the same thing as well so plz make this change because we need this . I speak for all of us here Thanks!!!

What the heckie ?! | Reviewer: Diana C. | 12/11/08

Hmm so like yeaah. Your my assignment for Music Appreciation (: But you see, the problem is .. there's not enough info on "you" to research on. So if anyone would like to help me, HELP ME! This fricken project is due before Winter Break and im like stucked. Shnaaapz. :) Kay, bye. GET AT ME! :D

Just Wondering | Reviewer: Bridget | 12/10/08

awwww your soooo cute. Im doing this class project on you and its hard because i dont no what to write about you their is just so many things that i wanna say. Im trying to get like what you did in your school days and how you got to where you are now. Im wondering just every-thing about you that isnt on the internet. I want to no the Chris Brown and not The Super Star Chris Brown who all the girl are after when you leave your house and some times boys. Please talk to me and email me back because i NEED to know.

your Cinderella | Reviewer: Georgia | 12/5/08

chris im your biggest fan from africa liberia chris u mean a lot 2 me.Chris iv'e jus have 2 move this from on my mind i love u chris even when i'm 13 years as u said young luv.chris each time i see u is like seeing the steps to luv i can not do wit out your sexy sound luv u chris bye.

*Im His Number 1 Fan* | Reviewer: courtney watts | 12/2/08

wuz sup chris im and ur number 1 fan i would love to meet u in person to get to set down and talk 2 u ive been to ur concerts and u did ur thang u is to cute its alot of haters out there that be hatin on u u have alot if talent u can dance sing and i bet u can please in a bed to u to cute and i hope da best 4 u keep doin yo thang.p.s courtney watts

My #1 man chris brown | Reviewer: Kassie prince{mexican hottie} | 12/2/08

hey babe im like your biggest fan we have the same birth month... your only 4 years older than me n i have like every movie albom and poster you've ever had or have been in im like upsessed on you yah i have other boys i b datin but i know in my heart nomatta who i date your always my number one always and forever....

my baybe chris brown | Reviewer: alexis yates | 12/1/08

i luv yuh cb im yah biggest fan might nt be on yah bacq lyk duh rest but i do luv yah lyk duh best.got yah poster on muh wall n yah name cross muh chest got yah pic n muh hand n im kissin it tuh death got yuh on muh shirt n yah voice werr it hurt yah luv is n duh aiir baybe shower it wiit me erry werr.:]

i love u for u not yo famous life and looks | Reviewer: jayvaie | 11/25/08

chris brown i gotta get dis off my chest.i love u not just love cuz u hot but because u have sumim inside dat i want 2 explore.i know u don't talk 2 fans or losers i guess but i love u for ur personality,yo honest,da way u make me smile when my life is down.see 1 night my aunty passed away. i thought i waz done no more happness but when i saw u on tv and when u said i just won't sum body 2 love me for me not for me being famous i see myself as a far normal guy.i then realize u must have been tired of ppl liking u for everything not u am srry.tell ur wonderful amazing mom she did a good job rasing u.and i wish ppl would like me for me but i guess dat won't happen.anywayz chris brown my dream is 2 see u in real life get 2 know u be close like sister like u and scooter.cuz am only 14 am 2 young for u so um.. give me a chance at being ur next best friend trust me pleaz am no crazy fan but i am #1 fan and u will always be # 1 in my herat. i live in tyler,tx zip code 75701 pleaz talk 2 me.