i love chris | Reviewer: yailis | 2/16/08

hey girls im yailis i have a huge crush on chris he's so hott i am not kidding. if you have a crush on him then go for your dreams. and chris you are adorable and so cute i hope i can see you one day and chris i have to tell you that i wish i could see you in person at least once on my sweet sixteen because you are my idol and i really wish i could see you i would do anything to be able to see you in person .i love you chris!!!!!

wish u all the BEST!!!!!! | Reviewer: Rhona | 2/7/08

oh my,dont kno where to stat.but i really wish u the best in yo music and i also wish u wud get RICHER!!EN SPEND DOLLARS.im in Uganda en its only yo music i listen too.thanx to yo mum,she's the best,to support yo music career.gud luck pretty boy!!!!!

leave him alone | Reviewer: destiny | 2/9/08

okay girls i know yall like him but i heard hes moving in wit rihanna so,
none of yall got chances not even me so every body just listen destiny ur
dont either so just stop feeding hes dick and leave hime alone

HAHA | Reviewer: Jalisa | 2/8/08

i aint neva seen so much girls gettin mad ova a damn message!!!
but yeah.I aint gonna lie Chrs brezzy is so sex-c so hott so damn gourgous but com on b reall NiGGA..
Dat foo to busy for everyone of us we lucky he even makin time for us to b doin shows for us!!!
i mean he mite say he loves us but untill i see a tru R&B singer prove too me it aint only for the money den ill see other wise... But untill den WeeZY is da bess rapper Alive stand Up325 Representa...

But imma agree wit u othe ladies Chriss Is sexy but not that sexy too b crushin ova Get a Life!!!
Yall i love my baby Gerardo!!

hes hot | Reviewer: fasdul | 2/2/08

chris brown is so hot..i love him so much he is everything to me..if your trying to take him away you better back off or ill woop yo ass..ive been to his evry concerts.ive been following him where ever he goes..i know all your songs by memory.YOUR AWSOME!!!FORGET YOU FUCKING DEsINY GURL..you are a fucking bitch who thinks that you can tell everybody what to do..you cant do shit bitch because you aint hes bitch..SO FUCK YOU FUCKING DESTINY.hes mine not yours.all you girls after him back ooff unleess you wanna mess with me.and i weight 300 pounds and am 7ft tall.so bitches i dont think you wanna mess with me.so you bitchezz betta get off mi man

wow!!!!! | Reviewer: melinda | 1/30/08

yall girls have alot to learn... if chris would want to date one of his fans do u think it would be little girls on dis website cursing up a storm.. yall need to get from being little gurls to being ladies and trust me ladies dont act like that... amma be real wit yall if yall neva met him how da hell can he be ur "hubby"...WOW!!!!... N-E WAYS...i know one of yall will have somthing slick to say but geuss what AM HIS #1 FAN now stop hatin on me and get like me... AM HIS FUTURE!!!

I LOVE YOU!!! | Reviewer: Lapreis | 1/28/08

yeah i already know christopher maurice brown is my hubby yup yup i said it and it is true... im not one of these little groupies out here saying i love chris brown for the fun of it i really do love him.... i dont love him for what he does but for who he is... and i want to let the girl destiny your comment was cheap just to let you know it was neve that serious and personally i think you are one of my boos groupies and you need to learn how to spell str8 like that!!! anyways i didnt leave this comment for the little groupies to read but for my hubby chris breezy to read get at me!!!!!

you are a role modle to me! | Reviewer: sharline | 1/24/08

You seem like a very nice guy who likes to have alot of fun. I admire you and your talents i love your voice. I look up to you as a role model.i am a big fan. you are a very good lookin guy with a very beautiful smile i would like to get to know you better so just write to me when you have a chance and i will respond a.s.a.p. k bye.
Your big fan

It's my birthday even though we have not met, would you care? | Reviewer: Amber | 1/25/08

I lov eyou so much Chris. I have all of your cd's pictures off of the computer.Well g2g but be4 I do I wanted to know January 26 is my birthday I will be 18 would you care if you met me as a fan of as a friend or as a boyfriend? Would you remember without me reminding you?

insperation | Reviewer: SHAKIEM | 1/24/08

chis brown is the reason i love singing. he's like my michael jackson ya know and the way he dances influences me to become a grate entertainer. so when i blow up dis right here might be worth some thing love ya chris


gurll bam | Reviewer: DESTINY | 1/23/08

i was reading these little messages that yall wrote and it seems 2 me all of u are pathatic little bichtes but yall can dream on all yall want cuz CHRISTOPHER BROWN iz minez so get the fuck off his dick oh and mmkay shut the fuck up u little hoodrat you must be dreaming like all the rest of these bitches but dont get me wrong yall hoes keep liking my man but there is nooooooooooo l.o.v.e now DO U FUCKING GET MY POINT BITCHES oh and just 4 the record what the fuck is this shit who ever wrote it need fucking help first of all my husband is 18 and when he first came out he was 6'1 so get the fucking story right people if u dont know shit get the fuck off and get a muther fucking live u dumb ass bitches

in love | Reviewer: kineesha william | 1/21/08

oo my gosh chris ur so lucky to be dis cute ...yo if i new u lyk tt i would have been all over u anuiways i luv ur songs n i tink u r a great person buh i lykd u bettah wen u were a freshiee now u tink u to big aniways ma opinion

I can't even think of a title that explains how much I love your music!! | Reviewer: Tiffany Parshall | 1/21/08

I am from Virgina too, Norfolk. I love your music!! My favorite song by you is Take You Down. Honestly I never liked your music so much until I went to your concert in Hampton, Virgnina. That is where I first heard the song "Take You Down." And every since then, that has been my number one favorite song!! I could listen to it a million times!! You have an amazing voice and I think you are going to be remembered for a very long time! If I had one thing that I could do before I died, it would be to see you in person and hang with you!!

your amazing | Reviewer: sknblck | 1/20/08

In some songs that you sing you make me want to cry so your songs make me really emotional at times and not really any song can do that i guess its because you inspire me to wanna get ou there and do my thing

My Insperation | Reviewer: Chris Brown | 1/17/08

Chris, man you are the reason I'm trying to become a great rapper. Teach me your ways. I listen to ur songs all the time. I feel blessed to have the same ame as you.