Adriiana ..<3.. | Reviewer: adriana | 11/13/08

hey chris how are you hi i'm adriana
you are such a cool person you have such a great personality i wish i could go to one of you concerts but the thing is that my parents never let me go any where so yer. just saying but i'm doing my music project on you and and it loooks so cool cause like i'm very creative person so yer. and chris you and rihannah make a great coupple if you see Rihannah say hi to her fron me and could you please add me on msn it's if you can and don't worry i'm not gonna bug you ok fron adriana love ya bye we'll chat on msn (if y0u have one and tell me you myspace when we are chatting on msn kk chris cya love ys hunii xxX

chris brown you looks like my boyfriend | Reviewer: cathi | 11/13/08

hey,chris i love you music and one thing i like really really of you that you look like my boyfriend... i wish you'll be make soon a concert in london it will be soo nice for me and my air is my favourite song...this song make the feelings that i've for my boyfriend soo strong...i like it've a nice voice...god bless you

whats up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

hi chris brown my name is Corina and i'm 12 years old and i want to tell you that i really really really like your songs and the reason why i like your songs because whenever i listen to your songs i can fell the words in my heart. but my favorite favorite favorite favorite song is with you

ur biggest fan im mean biggest | Reviewer: deja wheat | 11/11/08

i love chris brown i dream about him in class on the bus in my dreans all da 24 /7 i think u are so dame sexy good voice body face every thang i just want u to now that i love u and i will never love no one like i love u write back okay love the queen bitch ps not realy a bitch love u much sexy ass man oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh dame u sexy man god thank u for puting him on this earth and giving him that voice oooooh wwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee love u much

just because | Reviewer: LaTrice | 11/6/08

hey chris, i think your music is awesome. u have a unique sound. different but great at the same time.i kno most gurlz get on here and tell u they're going to marry u and this other type of stalker stuff but u r a very attractive guy. anywayz i wanted to tell u way i like u. i like u because u have a very beautiful smile, i also like u because u r a talented singer and dancer. however, i think i would like u a whole lot more if u weren't famous. love u lots LaTrice

Obsesions With Chris Brown - Dont get obsesed.. | Reviewer: [K]azzahhh | 11/4/08

OMG, dont get all obsesed and hung up on chris brown... most of u will probably not even get 100 metres close to him..(no offence of course) i am not gonna say he is 4 me.. coz i dnt believe that. You all are just young girls who have fallen in love with his music.. u may really like him but im just sayin dont go getting stalker-obsesed like on here coz i seriously dont think he will rite bak 2 yous if ur like dat..Chris Brown is a VERY popular guy, he probably has ppl all overr AUS and USA drooling over him. Just dont get caught up too much .. i no its hard and he is soo hott but sorry to say it probably will never happen. And 1 more thing.. he is none of ur husbands.. HE IS NOT EVEN MARRIED + HE STILL HAS RHIANNA(good match btw)U mite love him but ur not IN love with him...

Anywayzz Cyahhhz..

chris brown your the bast | Reviewer: kerisha woolery | 11/4/08

chris i love all of your songs i wish you could come to jamaica espical to negril.all my friends say that they love you but i love you with a everlasting love and even though you dont know me there will always be a place in my heart for chris

lover friend | Reviewer: brittany {black girl} | 11/2/08

i know some girls just have little childest crushes on you. but i think im different.u r like 1 of the cutest boys i ever laid eyes on. i wish i could know u on a intament level. not meaning sex but just getting to know the man behind the mic. for chris brown

'YO' .. luv ya dudeee | Reviewer: Kazza | 11/2/08

Hey Chris, Love ya music n dancin bro. Wish i could meet u.. ur so awesome. I dont like u coz ur famous i love u for the music and the passion u have 4 it, u dont get into it for the fame u r in it for urself and becoz u love music.
Stay Real Bro.. Catcha laterrrz... xxx Kazza

hi chris brown u sexy wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/08

omg i cant believe im writing 2 you u so hot are you still going out with riahnna i mean you gise make a good cuple but one thing everybody hates her now and i do 2 a little i love you so much u sexy omg i wish i could have you and you could only but i think das neva gonna happen you famous and im not sooooo you got a girlfriend and i got a boyfriend all w3ll i love bye loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

neahs quiz | Reviewer: neah | 10/27/08

hey,my name is neah and i am doing research on you because i picked you to come and visit my school and it would be an honr for you to just even come and step one foot into my class and say hey to me and some of the other students there. an i really need some info. on yu dude! and a comment from me:you looked so fine and sexy on tv doing your ''take you down''dance, and your music is hottttttt! and i love the way that you sing and dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l Love, neah! l

chris brown is the KING!! | Reviewer: mr and miss ashley chris brown | 10/24/08

I have been chris browns fan since the day he satrted singing. he is si much better than the rest of those other singers. i would love to marry him. i am from america , califonia and i am soon going to chris brown neighbourhood, i cant wait to see him. LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN FOREVER X X X X

I Love you Chris Maurice Brown | Reviewer: lawanda | 10/9/08

omg i love you so much and you are so fucking sexi. i am truly your number one fan in this whole world. i wish i could meet you just to get a close up lol. other females just like you because you got money. even if u didnt get rich i would still be a fan lol. no i aint a groupie i just love you. you are so cute with a nice ass body

Chris brown only and number one wifey | Reviewer: Lawanda | 10/9/08

i am that wifey type for chris brown. I know all his songs have all his posters and shonuff all his cds. i want to go to your concert. I am that ride or die chick i stay ride beside him chick. i love you chris brown on my life.

<3 YOU (YOUR MY BOO) | Reviewer: Kareece | 9/16/08

i am not gonna say that your not sexy cause damn you are honestly people who may not like you can say any ting but you done kno ur my boo anyday im not those kind of girls who like you for mabye like a couple and months or day im a girl who will love you fo ever I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN and would love to meet u one day I am truly your biggest fan Much love Baby( I LOVE YOU)