!!TruE fan!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

Chris bRown...u heaRd dis fRom aLoT oF peopLe b4...buT tRuLy im uR biggesT fan!!!i goT Like pRob aL uR sonGs lol...we goT aLot in comman we boTh r insPieRd bY micheaL JacKson yeah man!!!nd ima danceR too wen im uP on thE sTagE i peRfoRm mY besT thn i heaR thE pPL saY i dancE lyk u im fRom souTh aFrica i took paRt in a dancE comp nd i came 3 in da hoLe oF the noRthen paRt of souTh aFrica nd nw im oFF 2 Los vagas soo hoPe 2 see u thR...wen i takE pictuRez asweLL da ppL wuLd bee Lyk is thaT CHRIS BROWN snd me thaT picTuRe i dnT have thaT one thn i TeL thm noo iTz me L.O.L...anywaY tRue fan

ily chris brown!! | Reviewer: carmen | 7/27/11

OMG i luv u sooooooooo much ur everywhere in my room and i loved u ever since u came out i wanna b mrs.brown or at least know that u know who i am ur soooooooooooooooooo hot and i listen 2 u everyday ily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from sexyy shakyah to beyondd sexy chriss breezy | Reviewer: shakyah | 7/8/11

i lovee you chriss brownnn im yourr biggestt fan omgg i wish i went out with you like yourr dumb sexyy ohh and when i saw the bet awards 2011 when you was dancing i just wanted to go on that stage and take you home i lovee you chris brown :*

<3 gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: chrisbrownlover | 6/17/11

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 i love u u r EVERYWHERE in my room! i love u ever scince ur first song i listen 2 u everyday! when u come on tv or radio i turn it up 2 the max cause u love ya!I WANNA B MRS.BROWN!

breezy! | Reviewer: Nakita Brown | 5/27/11

omgg, i loved you from the start and i still do!
me and my mates always fight over you! lol you are so good!
you can dance:) sing:) rap:) and your so gorgeous;)
i love all your songs so much, and why blond hair:(
i hear you were getting married lol is it true or bulls***?
Loveyoubreeeezy; forever(YN) (y) <3 muah x

wish | Reviewer: aishia mckoy | 5/11/11

man do i wish that i can see you one dasy in person.get vip tickets or something.i think yo are very sexy(no offense)dont look all that good with blond hair but no matter what your still going to be mine.if anyone else is a fan of him and his song e-mail me,

GOD BLESS YAH CHRIS | Reviewer: Kay Kaaay | 5/7/11

i believe everything happens for a reason, and whatever happened good/bad made who he is today, and to me he look's very inspirational and blessed especially with the lyrics in 'Champion' !!!! love you and hope you'll be with us for a long long time!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fathr of mi bby;) | Reviewer: Octavia | 5/9/11

Hai bby,dis is d gal u left pregnent,lol jus jokin bt i wud lv 2 gt pregnent wit ur child,got nathng much 2 cey than ceyin i lv u soo much,more than d words in all d books in all d weld(x)lv u bby..dis is octavia 4rm south africa(johannesburg),incase ur wondring..call m swtheart 084-642-0536 feel free..u mine only mine i bet u knw dat by nw.bye honey bee.xxxxxx....

My inspiration | Reviewer: Milkshake | 4/14/11

I dont even know where 2 begin #deep sigh#...from a very small age ive always admired u and i thank God 4 bringing u 2 earth.Uv impacted our lives as young people in a very good way and 4 that im very grateful.Alwys know in whatever u doing,ure in ma prayers.May God richly bless u 4 the good work u doing.MWAAAAAAH

luvin chris music | Reviewer: jamiya luv chris | 4/13/11

mann have yall hered that songz bomb by chris that is so fire stuff mann i wish i was him gettin all that money and my favortie songz is should've kissed u i lu that songz this is mrs. breezy and breezy means they call chris brown breazy than i am mrs. breezy get it haha

God bless u chris | Reviewer: Binung n kiking | 3/31/11

Chris brown, I jst luv d way god made u, so talented, I m in so luv with ur behavior u r so natural. I jst pray to god if he cud give me the chance to meet u. Lol.. May god bless u n wil always pray 4 ur health n good fortune.

i wish | Reviewer: missy | 3/7/11

Chris brown is a person i always wish i could meet some day. i went too his conserts and everthing. but i just couldn't get a chance to see him back stage. that is one of my i wishes. i love you cb no matter what people say about you.

200 | Reviewer: Mimi | 2/19/11

I lov u chris brown soo much im crazy about u and ur musical"sexs''i'am really love this song chris i don't care what poeple say but and u make my heart going bom bom every moment if im bord or lonely i put ur songs and filled my heart with ur love u are my star and one more thing i have to say i love u sooo..muchhhhhhh..xx.

chris brown helps me in life | Reviewer: emerald holder | 12/28/10

chris your music gives me reasons to write music when i get bord your cd's is always right there. i have so many feelings that your music discribes me.... well so of your music. This might sound wierd but your music helps me think over stuff like me liking this person he is something like you. i can't dicide if i want to go out with him. we love your song "aint no way". in some parts of the song is some what way he treats me.

ok not only dose your music help me write muic it helps me think over stuff all i want to do is thank you just like your song thank you. love ya have a great time with your life. i want the life you have and i am working my way there see ya latter like is said love ya.

Emerald holder
look me up if you can

My favourite singer. I love yo soooooooo... | Reviewer: Clementine | 12/8/10

Hey chris. I know you busy but thanks for havin time 4 ur fans man! I don,t know if i am allowed to say this ... You made me become obssesed with music and dancin. I am a lonely gal but because of your music im no longer lonely. Guess what im in love with your music. I love you chris and the love i am giving you is the love of jesus. May God bless you.mwah