Mwah chris!!/reviewer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/10

Heya buddy i know you busy but thanks for having time for your fans. I am a single girl but when i listen your songs there is joy in my soul im inlove with your voice you made me to be music addict chris! But i love more than the word and i wish to meet you

Mwah chris!! | Reviewer: Clementine | 12/8/10

Heya buddy i know you busy but thanks for having time for your fans. I am a single girl but when i listen your songs there is joy in my soul im inlove with your voice you made me to be music addict chris! But i love more than the word and i wish to meet you

I WONDER CHRIS BROWN | Reviewer: biniam ename | 11/3/10

I am so jealous when i see Chris brown by it's amazing performance & way of dancing like a twisting snake more often that i love your amazing voice your voice stands a dead people from coffin love soooooooooooo muchhhhhh chri brizzzzzz

MY APPRECIATION | Reviewer: OBAZI LEVI | 9/25/10

I'm a nigerian Boy living in cameroon. There many things that I like about You Chris, some of them are as follows: You as a person, ur style dressing and dancing, ur
Music more especially the traks: with you, No air,Supperhuman- just to mention. It seems as if I'm in love with those songs, I can stay a day without playing one of ur music.I have you as my wallpapper.

how great you are | Reviewer: delsy | 8/21/10

hey there,im sure your a busy man hey,as i was reading your biography,it made me realise that you also a normal boy,you fresh,talented and not to mention you cute oh handsome if i may say am i allowed to say that though, i just had to tell you that i appreciate the way God made you ,you have done mistakes and im sure your learning from them,im just a simple gal from south africa wishing all the best in life,may you be filled with love and joy in your heart and soul.God bless you and always kwow that he loves you. much love from lil miss D.

you rock | Reviewer: miyou | 7/4/10

I love you Chris brown,i'm sure if i was at the same age as you & famous like you ,i would be your girlfriend but i'm not .i'm just 15 by the way i really love the way you dance ,sing . you was so great at the betawards 2010 when you was crying i was to & at the same time i was happy because you make a fantastic show you rock if you really need a friend to talk to i'm here for you this is my email ok

dont know | Reviewer: maria | 7/2/10

hey my name is maria n i think ur cool there is some thing i wanna tell u there is a boy in our school who looks just like u even his nick name is chris my freind is crazy over him cause he looks like u she love u verry much i think she is the right girl for u. if u can mail me back.

chris i love u so much | Reviewer: samantha | 6/16/10

chris i love everything about u,i like ur dance ur song the one that i love is "excuse me miss" i love this song so much so much n so so so so so so want to see u n to talk stof chris u is the best jred the bom bom u bad i love ur movesss it sick jred song time i does tru to do it but something it had but that aint ntn if u want to everything about me just call me 005995811638 i will be there for u chris i dont care wa u does do but one thing that i love u so much.

i love u chris ssssssssssssoooooooooooo MUCH | Reviewer: rashida | 5/30/10

Chris i love u soooooo much. everybody saying that u was wrong about the incidient and i was the only one saying you were right. +----+I WOULD REALLY LOVE FOR U TO COME TO BARBASOS I WOULD LOVE TO MEET U. I WISH U THE BEST OF LUCK LOVE RASHIDA-

my boo chris for life | Reviewer: shanique jones | 5/24/10

i love u so much for everything u do for instance dancing and singin i listening to ur music everyday. even though u went throw wat u went threw i still love u i wish i live were u live cause i would become ur best friend i know u have a lot of hatters out there and they making u do more and more. well imma sign out i love and i kno how u feel love u

i love youu soo much | Reviewer: hebz | 5/14/10

Hey Chris,
I'm heba:).. i just wanted to let you know that you got pure talent ..and wanted to thank you for sharing that with the world. Your an amazing artist, but mainly an amazing person. Your smile is just simiply gorgous i feel inlove with your smile the 1st time i seen you! ..iloveyou:)<3

My baby | Reviewer: Keyauna | 4/23/10

Before you came I did not like any one but it was sum to you and I been liking u every since. You bee out so through your ups and downs I will always be your biggest fan and remind ur self god is on you side and he will answer ur questions and want let u down.!!!!! Mz.Tink BBy

Why i am so in like with you? | Reviewer: penny | 4/7/10

Hey first let me say i admire you as a person first. What soul you have for ppl is why i like you so much. Second, I really admire you as a good artist that had a bumpy road and just got blind-sided. I just wanna say to you dat da past is da past, you can forgive, but not forget.I jus wanny say, I have remorse for you and my tears went out to you wen i had da image of you not performing, signing, or in jail. i jus wanna say, I am a real fan that likes who you are first, your talent second, and most of all your flaws. Cause if you r gonna like someone you should like who dey are and what dey do. No secrets at all with anyone. Hey dats just how I feel about life. THanks for ready and good bye

hmmm | Reviewer: eruteya ufoma josephine | 3/18/10

am josephine my friends call me jojo i am a nigerian and law student,chris i love virtually all of ur songs but NO AIR is my favourite i like u so well ur definitely the dearie

hugs jojo

hey man u rock | Reviewer: kerio kay | 3/12/10

aaa as in u kno wat we need 2 mek a colabo may be i cud teach u some strokes ummmm wich title gravity wud mek it wannw achieve beta sum it up en come to uganda in east africa may be u cud ask r.kell en akon abt it they kno me