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Performed by Chris Brown

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wow! | Reviewer: bethany | 12/27/07

i used to love this song but they kept on playing it on the radio and i got tired of it. im still gettin chris brown's cd though!! yes, he is so fine, i don't care what that other person said!! they are just hatin!

Crazzzzzzzyyyyy! | Reviewer: Jomo (South Africa) | 12/14/07

This song is hot oh so crazy. Its tight especially t pain-this guy can flow just listen to his verse and also take note of the music video. there's so much energy in it. Chris brown and t pain r on top of their game!

hey wat up | Reviewer: Ashley Williams | 12/12/07

hey this is ashley from auburn al i really like chris brown he is very talented i really love his song too he is very good at singing.

Chris Brown is hot!!! | Reviewer: Raeyvenn Watson | 12/7/07

I love chris brown and i love this song too. Chris is a very talented kid for his age. He is a awsome singer. I listen to this song all the time. It is one of his best songs that he did. I got his cd and listen to it everyday after school and everywhere i go. My friends are obsessed with him and so am I . i gkot his pictures all over my wall. He is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!

singer at heart | Reviewer: next top singer | 12/1/07

i think chris brown has a wonderful voice. pus he rocked that song "try a little tenderness.i can sing. and i sound good.and cute. and so is he , so yal need to back up off of him.

one of the coolest songs ever | Reviewer: Hannah Danielle | 11/24/07

this song is my and boyfirend song and it is very amazing and chris brown is hott lol this song is sweet but still a rap song

yall trippin | Reviewer: DRE | 11/20/07

ay, straight up, yall r stupid. he aint dat fine first of all. Second of all he cant sing. He just whines the whole time. he has no structure. And he's too concieted. he dont even sing about nothin real like lyfe jennings r sumthin.

chris 4 ever | Reviewer: tyra | 11/17/07

i really luv chris brown he is so fine and he can sing . i really luv all of chris brown songs but kiss kiss is the best.

biggest fan in the whole entire world | Reviewer: Thalia chaparro | 11/10/07

Chris Brown you have a wonderful voice and i think your so hot and i realy want to see you in person. I also want to go to Madison Square Garden to see you perform. maybe one day my parents will take me to 1 of your concerts. I realy love you. I listen to your music all day after scholl even in school I hear your voice throughout my head.That song kiss kiss that came out is off the hook. So maybe you can halla at me and i can tell you a little about me. I love you:) smile and be proud

chris borwn is fine! | Reviewer: uhhh u dont need to no | 11/8/07

wow i love dis songgg!!!<3 and chris brown is sooo smexxi!! i luv him!<3 but sadly he wont b wit m but im yopunger o w.e </3 luv u chriss - kiss kiss-:D

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