chris brown is the man | Reviewer: tatyauna jenkins | 5/14/13

chris brown is so fucking fine that i just dont be knowing what to do when i see him cuz he blow my damn mind and i just want to get on top of him and fuck him til his dick bleed.!

Chris brown being the best | Reviewer: Tade | 1/3/13

Well it's the top because the first time i watched the video on tv i just loved it and i kept on researching until now i saw d lyrics i then said i will give a coment.chris brown you are the best!!

Nice song | Reviewer: Anna Andre from Namibia | 12/5/12

I dont usually listern to young people's music, but this one tops it all.
My son was playing it and it is now my ringtone. I love the kizomba style you've incorporated. Keep up the good music.